Zero -VOC Pipe/Tube Coatings protect against corrosion.

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Applied through spray and vacuum systems, QUAKERCOAT® 102/105 are clear acrylic, water-borne coatings with non-hazardous formulation. QUAKERCOAT 102, suited for day-to-day pipe/tube transfer applications, offers slip and marring protection as well as temporary protection against moisture and corrosion-inducing elements. Used for extended storage and transport, QUAKERCOAT 105 temporary coating offers optimal outdoor performance and corrosion protection.

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Quaker Announces New Tube & Pipe Zero -VOC Coating Line

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. -- Quaker Chemical Corporation is launching its new "Eco-friendly" coatings, QUAKERCOAT® 102 and QUAKERCOAT® 105, for the Tube & Pipe industry. Both coatings are Zero-VOC, clear acrylic, water borne coatings, designed to be applied through conventional spray and vacuum systems. Both coatings offer excellent process responsiveness for quick-dry and cure and are non-hazardous, posing no severe risk for handling to employees, and are friendly to the environment, therefore helping customers reduce their environmental footprint.

"QUAKERCOAT 102 is designed for the day-to-day transfer of pipes and tubes, and for temporary protection against moisture and other elements that are precursors in the process of corroding unprotected metals. It is a conventional, ready-to-use, water borne acrylic system," comments Martin Tellez, Tube & Pipe Coatings Product Manager at Quaker Chemical. "It offers good outdoor performance, early water resistance, and excellent slip and marring protection, with an overall balanced set of properties." QUAKERCOAT 102 is currently sold in clear and black, and it can be matched to any color at a customer's request.

QUAKERCOAT 105 is a superior quality coating designed to protect pipes for longer periods of time during storage and transport. It is also a temporary coating that offers excellent outdoor performance at low DFT's (0.8 - 1.2 mils) with corrosion protection well over 400+ hours of salt spray performance at one-mil (1.0 mil) of application (ASTM-117). QUAKERCOAT 105 offers customers a well-balanced set of properties with an excellent flexibility (0T NTO) designed to meet the toughest jobs. QUAKERCOAT 105 is only offered as a clear version at this time.

Quaker is aware of current environmental challenges that are affecting the entire Tube & Pipe Industry, and sees its new technology as being part of the solution in the on-going effort to reduce VOC-emissions in the US and around the world. For inquiries , please call our customer service department at 1.877.537.1494 or email

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