XSlide® Stages for Scanning and Indexing

Rochester, NY , - Velmex XSlide® are compact, moderate cost linear stages.

Constructed with hard coat anodized, aluminum dovetail ways and PTFE bearings, XSlides are suitable for either incrementing or scanning applications, XSlides have a load capacity of 35 lbs.(15.9 kg.) hori¬zontally and 10 lbs. (4.5 kg.) vertically. Straight-line accuracy is 0.001"/10" (0.076 mm/25 cm). Repeat¬ability is 0.0001 inch (0.00025 mm).

With a cross-sectional profile of 1.88"(48 mm) by 1.22"(31 mm), the XSlide comes in eight travel lengths from 2" to 30". Each slide includes integrated limit switches and will accept either NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 motors. Maximum input shaft speed is 30 revs/sec.

XSlide's can be easily secured and configured as multiaxis systems using mounting cleats. Durable XSlides have a five year limited warranty and are available as individual components or complete automation solutions including, motors, controllers and supporting framework.

For more information on the above products, contact Rick Yurick, Velmex, Inc., Bloomfield, NY 14469 or call (585) 657-6151. See also web site www.velmex.com.

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