Workstation minimizes vibration for sensitive equipment.

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Compact, ergonomic 2800 Series LLHP Vibration-Isolation Workstation meets vibration isolation requirements of equipment in 100 lb range, 200 lb max. It provides automatic leveling and 1.1 Hz frequencies along horizontal axis with isolation efficiency of 97% at 10 Hz and above, and 1.4 Hz along vertical axis, with 96% efficiency. Trifilar pendulum mounts and Active-Air suspension optimize horizontal isolation. Tabletop is 30 in. square, 2 in. thick, and surfaces come with/without mounting holes.

Original Press Release:

New Ultra-Low-Frequency Vibration-Isolation Workstation

BOSTON, MA - A new ultra-low-frequency Vibration-Isolation Workstation for lighter loads has been introduced by Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI). Designated the 2800 Series LLHP, this new workstation is designed to meet the exacting vibration-isolation requirements of sensitive equipment weighing in the 100-pound range (200 pounds max.). KSI uses its proprietary trifilar pendulum mounts and Active-Air suspension to provide exceptional horizontal axis vibration isolation that outperforms other mechanical systems, and a high level of vertical axis isolation.

The 2800 Series tabletop is 30" square, two inches thick, and can be constructed of lightweight aluminum extruded core or a variety of composite cores. Surfaces are available with or without mounting holes.

The compact, ergonomic design of the 2800 Series incorporates automatic leveling and low natural frequencies (1.1 Hz along horizontal axis and 1.4 Hz along vertical axis). The workstation can achieve vertical isolation efficiency of 96% and horizontal isolation efficiency of 97% (at 10 Hz and above).

Ideal for supporting atomic force microscopes, analytical balances, etc., the 2800 Series can be configured for Class 100 cleanroom compatibility and outfitted with a variety of accessories to increase the user's comfort and convenience (padded armrests, overhead equipment shelves, monitor stands, outlet strips for lighting, etc.). Kinetic Systems workstations are proven performers in applications such as semiconductor processing, telecommunications, aerospace engineering, and medical research.

Kinetic Systems, Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of vibration isolation equipment, optical tables, and related components used in a wide range of industries worldwide, including research and development, quality control, laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing. For more information, contact Tony Kallas, Director Marketing/Sales, Kinetic Systems, Inc., 20 Arboretum Road, Boston, MA 02131, TEL: (617) 522-8700, FAX: (617) 522-6323, E-mail:, Web:

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