Workholding Supports & Locating Stops Build Custom Fixture Economies

Developing workholding fixtures for machining, fabricating, and assembly operations can become expensive, particularly when a wide range of part sizes, shapes and process stages are needed. Except, that is, when using the economies of Imao® standardized support components and positioning stop modules available in a wide array of options from Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI), North American manufacturer and supplier of workholding technologies and machine tool components. The lineup includes 11 stop designs in three styles and 44 support configurations...options to meet most application requirements.

The supports allow users to establish a foundational base virtually anywhere on a fixture platform whether it be to follow contours, shoulders or different diameters-or varying heights. Supports help stabilize the piece, and assure that clamping devices hold secure...preventing chatter and/or deflection of parts when under loads.

The series of stops provide flexibility in setups for accurate positioning of workpieces, versatile adjustability for varying applications, and help to insure error-proof part loading and locating within the fixturing system. The stops generate a solid, rigid surface working with clamping mechanisms to hold parts secure.

Among the support product options are basic support cylinders, extendable work supports, plus three series of spring loaded supports, including block style, cylinder, and compact mini supports. The cylinder supports are offered in 29 sizes ranging from 16 to 125mm long and from 25 to 50mm diameter, with a counterbored thru-hole for mounting with socket head cap screws. Three extendable supports, featuring a hand knob-actuated adjustable support cylinder, provide from 4 to 6mm of travel to accommodate workpiece variations or to add flexibility to fixture setups. Support load capacities for these three units range from 150 to 200 pounds.

The spring loaded supports are offered in four sizes within the block-type range, five units from the cylinder series, and three sizes from the miniature versions.

The block style supports and the cylinder supports provide from 895 pound to 2020 pounds of load support capacity. The support plunger's height can be raised or lowered for simple adjustment, and the support plunger itself has a tapped hole to permit use of a contact bolt, reducing wear and tear on the support structure and surfaces.

The compact mini work supports are ideal for locations where space is limited...diameters measure approximately half that of the three smallest standard size cylinder units and have load capacities of 44, 67 and 89 pounds for the three sizes.

All styles of work supports are manufactured using quality alloy steel and given a black oxide finish.

The three styles of stops include standard and miniature adjustable stops, and low profile button stops. The standard size units offer a choice of three threaded holes for varying the stop screw's height according to application needs-the stop screw provides the horizontal adjustment. The mini stops are designed for quick and easy vertical and horizontal adjustment in tight locations while the stop buttons, with heights rising to just 13 to 23mm from fixture plates, provide unobstructed access to work yet secure support.

In addition to work supports and stops, Fixtureworks also offers other Imao products including the new mini clamps as well as risers, T-nuts, sliding mounts, springs, grid plates and blocks. Among Fixtureworks other 20,000-plus items are Fairlane® Products' grippers, rest pads, Swivots® swivel/pivoting positioning components, Quick Release ball-lock pins, rollers and bumpers; Kipp® spring plungers, rest and riser pads, tension levers and torque handles, knurled nuts, ball knobs, and handwheels; OK-Vise® single and double wedge clamp designs; and Modern Industries mPower(TM) product line which includes quick change precision locating and mounting systems and modular tooling, plates and columns.

Fixtureworks® array of work supports and support stops from Imao® includes adjustable miniature and full size stops, plus extendable work supports, cylinder supports and mini supports...size and style options to create custom fixture designs from economical standard components and modules.

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33792 Doreka

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Toll Free: 888-794-8687

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