Wolfspeed, A Cree Company, to Promote Proven, Reliable GaN HEMTs at EuMW 2015

Wolfspeed, A Cree Company and a leading global supplier of GaN-on-SiC high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), is exhibiting at European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2015, which will take place September 6–11, 2015 in Paris.

Exhibiting at Booth #240, Chris Harris, European business development manager at Wolfspeed, and Tom Dekker, director of sales and marketing at Wolfspeed, will be promoting the proven, reliable performance of Wolfspeed’s newest radar products, including the highest power C- and S-Band GaN HEMTs currently available on the market (the CGHV59350 and CGHV31500F), in addition to their 50V unmatched general purpose GaN HEMTs (the CGHV40030, CGHV40100, and CGHV40050).

Specifically designed to solve a number of long-standing issues for radar systems employing traditional traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers, Wolfspeed’s GaN RF transistors for radar applications were engineered to deliver the highest power and efficiency available in a small package size, and are not prone to the failure mechanisms associated with high voltage (kV) TWT power supplies, which allows them to provide longer operational lifetimes.

“Wolfspeed’s C- and S-Band radar products break power records for GaN power and efficiency performance housed in a small 50Ù package. This efficient power enables the economical combination of transistors to achieve multi-kilowatt power amplifiers required for defense, weather, and air traffic control radar,” said Tom Dekker. “If we consider the figure of merit for RF power output relative to the area of a 50Ù package, Wolfspeed’s 350W C-Band device beats the closest commercial GaN competitor by an estimated 3.5 times. Using the same figure of merit, Wolfspeed’s 500W S-Band device raises the bar by 45 percent over other commercial S-Band products.”

Exhibiting high efficiency, high gain, and wide bandwidth capabilities, in addition to high power density and low parasitics, Wolfspeed’s general purpose, unmatched 50V GaN HEMTs significantly improve the efficiency and bandwidth capabilities of multi-octave bandwidth amplifiers, narrow band UHF applications, and a wide range of L- and S-Band products, and are ideal for use in high power broadband amplifier, CW, and pulsed applications.

EuMW attendees who visit the Wolfspeed booth (#240) can expect to see samples of all five radar and general purpose GaN HEMTs and to receive web-link cards that will direct them to Wolfspeed's EuMW landing page, which features downloadable brochures, new product information, datasheets, videos, and white papers. Visitors can also scan their badge at the booth for a chance to win one of two GoPro® HERO® cameras, which will be raffled off on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8 and 9.

For more information about the products that Wolfspeed will be promoting at EuMW 2015, please visit the embedded product number links above to access corresponding product datasheets. For all other inquiries about Wolfspeed™ RF products and foundry services, please visit www.wolfspeed.com/RF or contact Sarah Miller, marketing, Wolfspeed, at sarah.miller@wolfspeed.com or 919-407-5302.

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