Wiring Duct comes in rigid and flexible models.

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PVC Wiring Duct, with non-slip flush cover, mounts directly onto mounting rail or internal mounting plate. Two predetermined break lines allow breaking off and removal of sidewall finger segments and base segments. Rigid duct is available in .5 x .625 to 6 x 4 in. gray or white models. Suited for extreme operating conditions up to 176°F, self-adhesive flexible duct can be bent and twisted without breaking. It comes in lengths from .5 x .5 to 1.5 x 1.5 in.

Original Press Release:

AutomationDirect Now Offers Wiring Duct and Accessories

Cumminig, GA --- April 15, 2004 --- AutomationDirect® has added a line of wiring duct and associated accessories. Several packages of wiring duct composed of rigid PVC, as well as self-adhesive flexible duct are available.

The new wiring duct line simplifies and decreases the time required for planning and construction of control panels by offering wire containment, which allows a compact design, as well as the ability to mount wiring duct directly onto a mounting rail or internal mounting plate.

PVC wiring duct features a wide finger design that provides greater rigidity and larger slot width. A non-slip flush cover (included) holds 10-12% more wires than traditional designs. Two pre-determined breaklines allow breaking off and removal of sidewall finger segments, and the removal of base segments.
Rigid wiring duct is available in .5 x .625 to 6 x 4-inch grey or white models in packages of 1-24. Individual piece prices start at $9.

Flexible wiring duct is ideal for wiring to cabinet doors, from control panels, and for electrical equipment. It can be easily bent and twisted without breaking and allows individual wires to be added or removed for applications that require frequent access to wiring. Flexible wiring can be used in extreme operating conditions up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be cut to desired length easily with scissors or a knife. Flexible wiring duct is available in grey or white and in lengths from .5 x .5 to 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Packages of 20, 36, 42, or 64 pieces are available, with prices starting at $134.25.

Completing the line are replacement wiring duct covers and associated accessories, including duct separators, wire retainers, identification tags, mounting inserts, rivets and rivet tools, spiral wrap and braided sleeving.

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