Wireless Chipsets support multiple antenna configurations.

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With throughput of 180+ Mbps, Intensi-fi(TM) draft-802.11n solutions provide wireless connectivity in challenging environments while ensuring compatibility among next generation products. Chipsets combine radio and digital technologies and use Active Diversity(TM) intelligent signal processing technique. Designed to be upgradable to meet final IEEE 802.11n specification, products are interoperable with 802.11a/b/g and draft-802.11n devices as well as legacy Wi-Fi products.

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Broadcom Ships Production Draft-802.11n Solutions to Several Leading Wi-Fi® Manufacturers

Intensi-fi(TM) Chipsets Provide Superior Range and Throughput While Delivering an Interoperable Draft Compliant Solution to Leading Wi-Fi Equipment Vendors

IRVINE, Calif., April 24 / -- Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:BRCM), a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, today announced that its Intensi-fi(TM) wireless LAN technology is now shipping to several top manufacturers of wireless networking gear. The Broadcom(R) Intensi-fi draft-802.11n solutions provide superior performance and robust wireless connectivity, while ensuring compatibility among next generation products from Buffalo Technology, NETGEAR, US Robotics and other leading manufacturers.

"Consumers no longer have to settle for proprietary products which lock them into solutions from a single manufacturer. Consumers can now mix and match products from any one of the leading brands to implement high- performance Wi-Fi(R) networks," said Michael Hurlston, Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom's Home and Wireless Business Unit. "Broadcom is committed to creating a large ecosystem of standards-compliant products that provide a flawless multimedia experience."

Broadcom's Intensi-fi chipsets are the premier implementation of the draft-802.11n specification. They combine best-in-class radio and digital technologies to deliver superior wireless performance and reliable connectivity throughout a home or office. With real world throughput of greater than 180 Megabits per second (Mbps), products built with Intensi-fi solutions enable consumers and businesses to take advantage of emerging voice, video and music applications on their wireless networks. As a result, Intensi- fi technology is expected to extend beyond PCs and networking equipment into a variety of consumer devices, including Wi-Fi phones, storage drives, set-top boxes, broadband modems, TV and stereo equipment, gaming systems, and digital cameras.

Intensi-fi solutions provide reliable wireless connections, particularly in challenging environments. To maintain high performance, Intensi-fi uses Active Diversity(TM), an intelligent signal processing technique, and best-in- class receive sensitivity to further enhance coverage area.

Built for Interoperability and Mixed-Mode Performance

Intensi-fi technology complies with the current IEEE 802.11n draft specification and is designed to be upgradable to meet the final IEEE 802.11n specification. Adherence to industry standards is a priority for Broadcom because it eliminates the compatibility and performance issues that plague users of proprietary products. Intensi-fi technology has already been proven to interoperate at all link rates with other draft-802.11n implementations, and Broadcom will continue working with other industry leaders to demonstrate interoperability among brands of next generation Wi-Fi products. A copy of the white paper, "802.11n: Next-Generation Wireless LAN Technology" is available for download on the Broadcom website.

Intensi-fi products are not only interoperable with a wide variety of 802.11a/b/g and draft-802.11n devices, but feature unique enhancements that actually improve the performance of legacy Wi-Fi products. This maximizes customers' investments and protects their existing equipment from immediate obsolescence. Intensi-fi routers employ a "good neighbor" mode that ensures optimal performance in mixed networks when using the optional 40 MHz transmission mode -- dynamically managing the use of 40 MHz channels and reverting back to 20 MHz channels when traffic is high or legacy clients need to communicate.

Enables Cost-Effective, High-Volume Manufacturing

The complete Intensi-fi solution includes a draft-802.11n media access controller (MAC)/baseband chip (BCM4321) and a finely-tuned, dual-band radio chip (BCM2055) that can be configured for a variety of high-speed wireless applications. Broadcom also offers a high-performance network processor (BCM4704) that provides advanced routing and bridging capabilities for router and gateway designs.

The flexible Intensi-fi architecture allows manufacturers to balance performance and cost for next-generation designs. Its all-CMOS design not only enables highly integrated and highly efficient chipsets, but also facilitates cost effective, high volume manufacturing. By supporting multiple antenna configurations (2x2, 2x3, 3x3 and 4x4), Intensi-fi can be used in a variety of devices with different performance expectations and price points. Intensi-fi solutions leverage Broadcom's proven OneDriver(TM) software, which provides for a consistent set of features that deliver superior performance, ease-of-use and security enhancements -- including SecureEasySetup(TM), 125 High Speed Mode(TM), Wi-Fi Multimedia(TM) (WMM) and Wi-Fi Protected Access(TM) (WPA2).

About Broadcom

Broadcom Corporation is a global leader in wired and wireless broadband communications semiconductors. Our products enable the convergence of high-speed data, high definition video, voice and audio at home, in the office and on the go. Broadcom provides manufacturers of computing and networking equipment, digital entertainment and broadband access products, and mobile devices with the industry's broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip and software solutions. These solutions support our core mission: Connecting everything(R).

Broadcom is one of the world's largest fabless semiconductor companies, with annual revenue of more than $2 billion. The company is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., with offices and research facilities in North America, Asia and Europe. Broadcom may be contacted at 1-949-450-8700 or at www.broadcom.com/ .

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