What Is Permeation?

Permeation is one of the indexes indicates the barrier properties in material field. In packaging material industry, permeation is used to state and evaluate the barrier property of packaging materials against water vapor, oxygen or other gases, etc.; that is, through the evaluation of water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing, oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and other gas transmission rate (GTR) testing of packaging materials, the basic guarantee for product quality and shelf-life period is confirmed. More questions for Permeation, please visit http://www.labthinkinternational.com for answers.

WVTR is the abbreviation for water vapor transmission rate, which is defined as the constant rate at which water vapor permeates through a specimen film at specified conditions of temperature and relative humidity.

WVTR is of great significance for package quality. With the Water vapor transmission rate testing, effective quality control of food, drug and electronic products, etc. can be guaranteed so as to improve the storage, transportation and shelf life results and prolong shelf life span of the products.

The WVTR measurement is applicable for barrier property evaluation of plastic films, laminated films, sheets, back sheets, high barrier materials, foils, OLED, water-proof membranes and bottles, pouches, jars, boxes made of plastic, rubber, paper, glass and metal, as well as medical devices, etc.

Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is one of the important indexes of Gas Transmission Rate (GTR) Testing. Oxygen Transmission Rate, OTR is defined as the constant rate at which oxygen permeates through a specimen film at specified conditions of temperature and relative humidity. Oxygen Transmission Rate is also of great significance for packaging material quality. Through the testing of oxygen transmission rate (OTR) measurement, a better evaluation and quality control of varied materials under vacuum and modified air status can be achieved, so as to confirm long term storage and shelf-life of packed contents. Besides, transmission rate of other gases can also be measured, such as organic vapor transmission rate testing. 

Labthink, as the leading instruments manufacturer and testing service provider, has the thorough capacity in permeation field. The PERME series permeation products has a complete line of water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing instruments and gas transmission rate (GTR) testing instruments.

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