Weld Purging Kit mates with ORB1001 oxygen analyzer.

Press Release Summary:

ORBIPURGE is supplied in ABS case with profiled foam insert for location of purge plugs. Plugs range from 0.5-4 in. and are each fitted with quick-release gas connector. Kit also includes gas input hose with quick-connect fitting for attaching plugs. For complete orbital welding and purging system, Model ORB1001 oxygen analyzer and ORBIPURGE kit can be combined with ORBMAT C orbital welding power supplies.

Original Press Release:

Complete Weld Purging Kit

Orbimatic GmbH has added the ORBIPURGE internal purging kit to their range of high quality orbital welding equipment. The ORBIPURGE kit is an ideal partner for the ORB1001 low level Oxygen Analyser which gives a high quality internal purging system.

The ORBIPURGE kit is supplied in a tough ABS case with a profiled foam insert for location of each purge plug. A range of plugs are included from 0.5" to 4" are supplied to cover most applications. Each plug is fitted with a quick release gas connector for ease of use.

The ORBIPURE kit also includes a gas input hose which is fitted with a quick connect fitting for attaching the plugs.

To give a complete orbital welding and purging system the ORB1001 & ORBIPURGE kit can be combined with the highly advanced ORBMAT C Orbital Welding Power Supplies.

The ORB1001 can be interfaced to the ORBIMAT C power supply and the welding cycle will be disabled until the internal gas quality is suitably pure.

For further details of the Orbimatic range please contact:-
Orbimatic GmbH
PO Box 416
Welbeck Way
Telephone 01733 244063
Fax 01733 244463
Email: info@orbimatic.co.uk
Website : www.orbimatic.co.uk

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