Water Shut-Off System prevents needless property damage.

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WaterCop® motorized ball valve automatically turns off main water supply when unwanted water is detected due to leak or overflow. Battery-operated WaterHound wireless moisture sensor/transmitters are strategically placed throughout home, and if they detect significant amounts of moisture, radio signal is sent to WaterCop, which tells it to turn off household water supply. System can also be connected to home's security system or home automation controllers.

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WaterCop Prevents Needless Property Damage

A new product called WaterCop®, introduced by DynaQuip Controls, helps to reduce the anxiety...

St. Louis, Mo. ... A new product called WaterCop®, introduced by DynaQuip Controls, helps to reduce the anxiety many homeowners have about coming home from work or vacation and finding damage caused by leaky plumbing. This wireless detection and automatic water shut-off system works as an automatic valve for a home's water supply line, which can be easily installed by a certified professional plumber.

"We're excited about this innovative device because it uses the latest technology to provide 24 hours of protection, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There's currently nothing quite like it on the market," said J. Rodney Bryan, Jr., WaterCop Co-Developer and Business Director. "Plumbing leaks can occur anytime, causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage to floors, walls, furniture, electronics, and irreplaceable family heirlooms. Installing WaterCop(TM) is one way homeowners can create the peace of mind in knowing that their precious possessions won't be destroyed by a mishap that could have been avoided."

The WaterCop® is a motorized ball valve, used to automatically turn off the main water supply when unwanted water is detected due to a leak or overflow. It should be installed on the main water line near the existing main shut-off valve. The device has two indicator lights, which indicate the position of the valve. If the red light is on, it means the valve is closed. The green light signifies that the valve is open, allowing water to flow freely through the plumbing system. An additional inexpensive option allows the WaterCop(TM) to be connected to a home's security system or home automation controllers. If a leak is detected by a WaterHound sensor and thus causing the WaterCop(TM) to shut-off the water supply, it automatically triggers the alarm system, alerting the monitoring company that a security problem exists inside the home.

When installed properly, the WaterCop® and its team of WaterHound moisture sensors constantly monitor the home for water leakage. The WaterHounds are battery operated, wireless moisture sensor/transmitters which are strategically placed at certain locations throughout the home. If they detect significant amounts of moisture, a wireless radio signal is sent to the WaterCop®, which tells it to turn off the household water supply

According to Bryan, "Every year nearly 1 million families have their homes ruined and their lives overturned by water damage and the subsequent repairs. These incidences are always unexpected and the cost of repairs can sometimes run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Some of the leading causes of water damage range from broken and frozen pipes to leaky appliances such as dishwashers and icemakers. Also, it is estimated that washing machine hose failures account for in excess of $150 million worth of damage to homes in the United States and Canada per year. Water heaters are another notorious culprit. Approximately five (5) million water heaters rupture on an annual basis.

"We recommend that the WaterCop® system be installed by a certified professional plumber and in accordance with all local plumbing codes," added Bryan. "Water damage is a leading source of home insurance claims. Many insurance companies are beginning to recommend automatic valves to their homeowner customers. Some insurance companies may even offer discounts to people who install products like the WaterCop® in their homes.

DynaQuip Controls' WaterCop® product line will be marketed to customer home builders, custom home security system installers, home automation dealers, plumbing wholesalers, DIY home centers, hardware retail stores, and directly to consumers. Go to www.watercop.com to learn more.

With corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities based in St. Clair, Missouri, DynaQuip Controls Corporation has established a distinguished 35-year reputation as a manufacturer of high quality industrial valves, valve automation systems, and air compressor accessory products. The new WaterCop®; wireless leak detection and automatic water shut-off system, bred out of industrial valve lineage, brings problem solving technology from the factory to the home. Headed by company President & CEO J. Rodney Bryan, DynaQuip Controls employs nearly 130 team-oriented individuals. DynaQuip markets it products through large multi-branch industrial distributors, regional independent dealers, valve automation specialty dealers, hardware stores, and directly to original equipment manufacturers.

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