Wastewater Treatment System uses multi-step process.

Press Release Summary:

Waste Whacker(TM) System uses ozone and flocculant material to totally encapsulate solids, oils, and trace metals so they can be disposed of as unregulated solid waste. It consists of stabilization columns/tanks, wetting chamber for mixing custom-milled and formulated flocculant material with fluid, and filter media for separating processed water and solids. Operation is fully automated, and equipment can be used in batch mode or operated continuously. It processes 1-6 gpm.

Original Press Release:

Master Chemical Systems Equipment Division Offers a Low-Cost Waste Treatment Solution

July 3, 2003 (Perrysburg, Ohio) - The Systems Equipment Division of Master Chemical Corporation has taken two proven waste treatment technologies and combined them to offer a low-cost, onsite waste treatment system. The new approach uses Ozone and a flocculant material in a multi-step process that totally encapsulates solids, oils and trace metals, so they can be disposed of as unregulated solid waste. The process usually results in water so clear and contaminant-free, that it can be disposed of in sanitary sewer drains or collected for reuse.

"Combining the two well-known and time-proven treatments achieves far greater results than either system alone - and much more economically," says Systems Equipment Division Product Manager Clay Haile. "The clarity we can achieve is what really impresses people, along with the simplicity and effectiveness of the process."

Based on a waste sample, the Master Chemical Systems Equipment Division develops a customer waste treatment profile, a flocculant formula and expected payback schedule. Haile says, "Customers are frequently amazed to discover that a payback period of one-year or less is not uncommon."

Components of the new Waste Whacker(TM) System include stabilization columns/tanks, a wetting chamber for mixing a custom milled and formulated flocculant material with the fluid, and finally a filter media for separating processed water and solids. The entire operation is fully automated, and the equipment can be used in a batch mode or operated continuously. The variable-speed system will process from one to six gallons per minute.

Pretreatment equipment
The Master Chemical Systems Equipment Division also is introducing an Ozone Coalescer and Ozone Clarifier for pretreating the fluid. Pretreatment stabilizes the waste stream, making it much easier to treat, as well as ensuring a more thorough and consistent treatment protocol. In addition, pretreatment reduces the amount of flocculant material required.

The 500-gallon Ozone Coalescer also can be used separately as a stand-alone unit for treating oily water waste. Inside the Ozone Coalescer, wastewater passes over a plastic matrix. Oil droplets are stripped from wastewater and rise on the stream of Ozone being injected from below. "The plastic matrix media in the Ozone Coalescer has a surface of more than 1,500 square feet and is incredibly efficient at causing the oils to separate from the fluid and coalesce," says Haile.

Manual batch system
Another system designed for treating small to medium waste streams is called the Waste Whacker Manual Batch System. It uses a sodium bentonite clay-based flocculant medium to encapsulate solids, trace metals and oils, rendering them inert and generally safe for unregulated landfill disposal. The resultant filtered water is clear and contaminant-free and ready for sanitary sewer drain disposal or reuse. The system is called "manual," because an operator offloads the waste to be treated into the upper tank of the unit, adds a measured amount of the custom-formulated flocculant material and then turns on the unit. "The system is automatic once it's turned on," says Haile, "mixing the waste with the flocculant material, filtering and separating the solids from the water."

To learn more about the Waste Whacker, low-cost, onsite waste treatment systems available from the Systems Equipment Division of Master Chemical, call Clay Haile at (419) 874-7902 or visit www.masterchemical.com.

The Systems Equipment Division of Master Chemical Corporation is headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio. Master Chemical is a single-source supplier of metalworking fluids and recycling equipment. Founded in 1951 by Clyde Sluhan, Master Chemical products are designed to maximize productivity and minimize waste in the metalworking industry, thus improving customer product quality and profitability.

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