Venting System offers lightweight and leak-proof connections.

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Suited for industrial building construction projects, NovaVent(TM) Sealed venting system features fully-sealed, gasket connection combined with precision-engineered, close-tolerance construction. Eliminating need for field-welded joints, Double Fail Safe(TM) gaskets offer installers safe way to build venting system on-site. Available in 3-24 in. dia, system also features single-wall version that is only metallic venting system that can be cut to length in field.

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Novaflex Launches New NovaVent(TM) Sealed Vent Product Line

Richmond Hill, Ontario - Novaflex's revolutionary new NovaVent(TM) venting system offers a lightweight and leak-proof alternative to traditional welded stainless steel pipe in industrial new building construction projects. NovaVent(TM) offers a fully-sealed, gasket connection combined with a precision-engineered, close-tolerance construction, making leaky and life-limited welded connections a thing of the past. With their long-standing reputation as an innovative and quality manufacturer of flexible venting, ducting and hose products, Novaflex has launched NovaVent(TM) as their innovative solution to industrial rigid venting applications.

In the construction of new buildings such as hospitals, schools and laboratories, venting systems to vent potentially noxious fumes out of science labs and chemical processing rooms are typically specified to be sealed. Up until now, this has usually meant using a welded system made from joining various lengths of metal pipe. Novaflex's new NovaVent(TM) is a factory-built, engineered venting system designed to alleviate much of the time and labour costs associated with welded systems.

In a traditional welded system, lengths of pipe must be welded on-site. This welding process necessitates the use of a heavier-gauge metal than is required for the vent's purpose. NovaVent(TM) components are supplied with patented, factory-installed, self-sealing gaskets which eliminate the need for field-welded joints. The Double Fail Safe(TM) gaskets in the NovaVent(TM) system are designed specifically for their application. This offers installers a simple, quick and safe way to build the venting system on-site, saving on labour and material costs. Combined with this innovative gasket system, Novaflex has developed a precision-engineered, close tolerance manufacturing process of the vent system itself to ensure an air and water-tight fit. The light weight of the NovaVent(TM) system also allows for a simpler and cost-saving hanger system, further reducing engineering headaches and project cost over-runs.

Another unique feature of the NovaVent(TM) system is that the single-wall version is the only metallic venting system that can be cut to length in the field, further reducing installation time and allowing this unique system to be installed in half the time of field-sealed systems.

NovaVent(TM) offers an industry-best leak test of 2 ½ times the UL pressure rating of 8" of water column with both, their single-wall and double-wall versions. Available in diameters from 3" to 24".

To find the right size for your application or for more information about the Novaflex Group, please call us at; 1-800-654-5600 (U.S.) or, (905) 731-1643 (Canada) or e-mail; or, visit

About The Novaflex Group
The Novaflex Group, founded in 1977, is a privately owned North American designer and manufacturer of hose and duct products to industry for the movement of air, liquid and materials. Throughout their thirty-one year history, Novaflex has earned a reputation for providing innovative and high quality products for industrial venting and duct systems.

The Novaflex Group operates fifteen manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities across North America and the United Kingdom with Corporate Headquarters based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. The associated companies of The Novaflex Group are: Flexmaster Canada Ltd., Novaflex U.S., Novaflex Industries, Uni-chem Hose Inc., Novaflex Hose, Novaflex Plastics, Techose Ltee., Alpha Free-Flow and Novaflex U.K.

The Novaflex Group attributes their success to a corporate philosophy of creating value for customers with innovative products and services that exceed customer expectations and requirements. The Company continuously seeks ways to improve the quality of their products and processes. Today, Novaflex is an industry leader whose quality products are sold across North America and internationally.

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