Vent Box helps minimize chance of clothes dryer fires.

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Providing recessed space for dryer vent connection, UL classified DBX1000M Metal Dryer Vent Box minimizes possibility of kinks in hose, which contribute to lint buildup. Unit also protects gas line connection and valve within cavity of wall. Constructed of 22-gauge steel, box meets UL 1-hr fire-rated wall assembly requirements when applied with 3M fire protective wrap. Product is suited for multi- and single-family construction, where laundry room wall has narrow framing requirements.

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Laundry Room Safety at Its Best

The UL Classified DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box Improves Your Chances Against Clothes Dryer Fires

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 16, 2008 -- The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that 13,300 structural fires are caused by clothes dryers annually accounting for an average of 10 deaths, 280 injuries and $97 million dollars in property damage every year. Construction Solutions (CS) offers a simple safeguard with the newly UL classified DBX1000M Metal Dryer Vent Box.

A smart addition for any builder or homeowner, the UL classified DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box greatly minimizes potential fire hazards by providing a recessed space for the dryer vent connection which reduces the possibility of kinks in the hose, which largely contribute to lint buildup. It also protects the gas line connection and valve within the cavity of the wall. The DBX1000M is constructed of 22-gauge steel and has been designed to withstand and meet the new UL one-hour fire-rated wall assembly requirements when applied with a common 3M fire protective wrap.

The product is ideal for multifamily and single family construction, where the laundry room wall typically has narrow framing requirements. Where laundry room space is a concern, the DBX1000M allows home owners to move the dryer back four to six inches to provide an average savings of three square feet in a standard laundry room.

The DBX1000M is also perfect for the weekend remodelers. The Construction Solutions website offers detailed step-by-step installation instructions along with a visual of what it actually takes to install a DBX Dryer Vent Box.

Standing apart from the competition, the DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box can be rotated in any direction to accommodate both upward or downward venting. Available in powder-coated white to match the washer box, the DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box also features a patented metal snap-on trim ring, aiding in the reduction of drywall and paint repairs. The DBX1000M is the only metal dryer vent box on the market with a snap-on trim ring.

For more information on Construction Solutions and the DBX Dryer Vent Boxes visit the Web site at or call 1-866-270-8240.

About Construction Solutions
Construction Solutions, LLC is an independent specialty product company that manufactures simple dryer vent boxes that are easily installed in the wall cavity located behind clothes dryers and gas stoves. The company's products are used by nine out of the 10 most prominent residential homebuilders and subcontractors in the United States. The DBX products are distributed all across the United States and Canada.

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