Vehicle Safety Sensor continuously detects angular rate.

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MicroGyro(TM) features internal double-ended tuning fork, machined at microscopic level of pure crystalline quartz, to promote rate sensing precision as well as resistance to temperatures up to 125°C. Sensor features Continuous Built-In Test(TM) technology that performs self-diagnostic evaluations while simultaneously sensing angular rate. Unit also features fully compensated 3.3 or 5.0 V SPI digital output.

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Systron Donner Automotive MicroGyro(TM) Fuels New Era of Vehicle Safety

CONCORD, Calif., March 14, 2007-Any active vehicle safety system is only as good as its sensors. Electronic stability control (ESC), for example, is entirely dependent upon its angular-rate sensor, which determines the direction a car is actually headed, compared to where the driver wants the car to go. Lives depend upon the quality and reliability of the data from such sensors, and SYSTRON DONNER AUTOMOTIVE now provides the finest one available: the MicroGyro.

The unique double-ended tuning fork inside the SYSTRON DONNER AUTOMOTIVE MicroGyro is a masterpiece of MEMS technology, machined at the microscopic level of pure crystalline quartz. Not only does this allow for unparalleled rate sensing precision, but the MicroGyro, unlike many competing sensors, can easily withstand the high temperatures of underhood installations-clear up to 125 C-without sacrificing performance. This negates the need for passenger compartment mounting, along with the additional cable runs, complexity and cost that such installations necessitate.

The MicroGyro also benefits from SYSTRON DONNER AUTOMOTIVE's patented Continuous Built-In Test(TM) technology. The MicroGyro continually tests and measures its own health at all times while simultaneously sensing angular rate, even during conditions of extreme temperature or strong g-loading. Other sensors only test at commanded intervals, and relinquish rate sensing capabilities when doing so.

Unlike other products which offer only analog output, the SYSTRON DONNER AUTOMOTIVE MicroGyro provides fully-compensated 3.3V or 5.0V SPI digital output negating the need for customer-created digitizing and compensation schemes of both hardware and software. Additionally, all performance specifications of the MicroGyro are fully guaranteed, making it the perfect rate-sensing solution for applications as varied as ESC, lane keeping systems and rollover airbag systems.

About Systron Donner Automotive

SYSTRON DONNER AUTOMOTIVE is the global leader in the design and manufacture of the highest performing inertial measurement products integral to advanced automotive safety applications. Installed in more than 40 million automobiles on the road today, the SYSTRON DONNER AUTOMOTIVE quartz MEMS gyro is the enabling technology behind the industry's most reliable active safety systems. SYSTRON DONNER AUTOMOTIVE is now applying this same technology to the marine and off-highway markets, advancing the quality of vehicle safety beyond the automotive industry.

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