Vehicle Restraint requires no external power.

Press Release Summary:

DOK-LOK RHR-1000 vehicle restraint is designed with 9 in. low-profile carriage able to capture wide range of trailer rear-impact guards (RIG). Articulating nose extension allows carriage to travel low to ground to avoid damage to restraint or RIG. RHR-1000 employs Universal Restraint Controller technology for interconnecting controls with other powered dock equipment. Other features include automatic positioning and constant-pressure contact.

Original Press Release:

Updated, State-Of-The-Art DOK-LOK (R) Design Sets New Vehicle Restraint Performance Standards

Rite-Hite Corporation, pioneer of the vehicle restraint industry, introduces a new, state-of-the-art DOK-LOK restraining system. The original rotating-hook design has been augmented with engineered structure enhancements and advanced controls technology in the new RHR-1000 model DOK-LOK restraint to give it the greatest ability to safely and reliably secure modern trailers.

Several features make the newest DOK-LOK restraints the most advanced in the industry. For example, a unique, 9" ultra low-profile carriage can capture the widest range of trailer rear
impact guards (RIGs). The lower profile accommodates those RIGs, now found on an estimated 70% of all OTR trailers, built to standards set in accordance with 1998 National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations. In addition, the unique articulating nose extension allows the carriage to travel lower to the ground to avoid damage to the restraint or the RIG when trailers with very low beds and/or RIGs back into position at the dock.

The RHR-1000 DOK-LOK restraint also employs Universal Restraint Controller technology, which allows virtually infinite flexibility for interconnecting controls with other powered dock
equipment. The controls system also features an audible alarm with a coded override, as well as self-diagnostics and simple troubleshooting capability. For maximum productivity and minimal dock downtime, the RHR-1000 restraint contains fewer moving parts, ensuring the highest possible reliability and lowest maintenance. The New E-Z-Lube(TM) axle design makes occasional lubrication quick and simple.

The new RHR-1000 also utilizes the features available in other original DOK-LOK restraints, such as automatic positioning and constant-pressure contact. The power of the trailer is used to
automatically bring the restraint into the proper positioning for engagement. No external power is required, and the "best fit" is guaranteed each time. Powerful extension springs provide
superior upward force against the RIG to keep the trailer secure as it moves up and down during loading and unloading. This is particularly important with today's popular air-ride equipped
trailers which can fluctuate dramatically in height while the trailer is being serviced.

All DOK-LOK restraints are mounted off ground, keeping them free of debris, snow and ice that can interfere with performance and diminish reliability of the communication system.

Originial rotating hook DOK-LOK restraints are the only restraints available that can safely address all forms of trailer separation that can lead to deadly accidents on the loading dock. Trailer creep, dock walk (associated with modern air-ride trailers), aggressive early departure, trailer tipover due to landing gear failure or being struck by an adjacent trailer, and trailer pop-up and upending can all be effectively addressed by the RHR-1000 and RHR-600 models.

Rite-Hite Corporation, head-quartered in Milwaukee. Wis., is a leading manufacturer of material handling systems designed for maximum safety and productivity. Principal products include
trailer restraints, dock levelers. integrated controls, dock seals and shelters, industrial power doors and after market products and services.

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