Curlin Excited to Add Industry Innovator Kelley Loading Dock Equipment to Product Line

Tampa, FloridaÂ- – Curlin, a leader in designing, engineering and deploying solutions for warehousing and manufacturing companies, is now offering the Kelley line of hydraulic, air-powered and mechanical dock levelers, energy saving dock seals, STAR Vehicle Restraints and Dock Shelters. Kelley, known for inventing the world's first counterbalanced dock leveler in 1954, has a history of...

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GMR Safety Announces the Availability of Its Power Chock Product in the USA

TERREBONNE, QUEBEC, CANADA, November 28, 2006 - GMR Safety Inc. announces that its Power Chock(TM) vehicle restraint system is now available in the United States. The Power Chock is a proven, wheel-based truck restraint system capable of restraining all vehicles at the loading dock, including trailers with lift gates. We developed the Power Chock to provide a reliable, efficient, simple-to-use...

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Head Restraint minimizes risk of whiplash.

Offered in 2 versions, Head Restraint minimizes hyperextension of vertebral column during rear impact. Body-driven version is mechanically activated by body weight of occupant during crash. Release mechanism is integrated into lower part of backrest, and is activated by passenger's pelvis. Second version is triggered electronically by crash sensor, which also sends information to airbags....

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Recessed Vehicle Restraint secures trailers at dock.

With holding force of 32,000 lb, VBR-500 Dok-Lok prevents accidents due to unexpected trailer separation from dock. Locking system keeps semi-trailer secured to loading dock by engaging rear impact guard with vertical barrier. System, operated from control panel mounted inside building, stores beneath dock leveler when not in use. Communication system utilizes interior and exterior red and green...

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Restraint keeps trailer at dock.

TRUK STOP STAR 4 effectively prevents premature trailer departure, trailer creep, and trailer landing gear collapse. Hydraulic powered device has restraining force of 30,000 lb and can hook and hold any style ICC bar. Its sensor bar communicates to control panel actual hook contact with ICC bar. Restraint is compatible with new federal regulations and with any design dock leveler equipment.

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Vehicle Restraint requires no external power.

DOK-LOK RHR-1000 vehicle restraint is designed with 9 in. low-profile carriage able to capture wide range of trailer rear-impact guards (RIG). Articulating nose extension allows carriage to travel low to ground to avoid damage to restraint or RIG. RHR-1000 employs Universal Restraint Controller technology for interconnecting controls with other powered dock equipment. Other features include...

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