Vaporizer handles all liquid-to-vapor applications.

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Employing heated gas for liquid vaporization, DLI vaporizer delivers chemically pure vapor that is free of decomposition byproducts or liquid carry-over. Vaporizer can accept multiple liquid inlets and generate mixed vapors. Unit is available in designs to accommodate wide range of liquid properties such as low vapor pressures (sub 1 Torr), low flow rates (sub 5 g/hr), and high flow rates (more than 15 kg/hr). Product is offered as fully integrated system or as individual components.

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Breakthrough Vaporization Solutions for All Liquid-to-Vapor Applications

Hatfield, PA (July 9, 2009) – Brooks Instrument, a world-leading provider of advanced flow measurement, control, and level solutions, is pleased to introduce a family of extremely high-performing direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizer solutions. Designed for customers who require reliable liquid vaporization, the unique Brooks DLI vaporizers deliver chemically pure vapor in every application. “Working with key customers in the semiconductor, solar, fuel cell, glass coating, R&D, and other markets, we’ve applied our application knowledge to develop the DLI vaporizer,” stated Ed Fisher, Solutions Manager at Brooks Instrument. “Each DLI vaporizer is easily customizable for every customer’s unique application requirements and also overcomes the many operational limitations of conventional vaporizing technologies such as bubblers, or vapor draw systems, and flash vaporizers. Additionally, none of the conventional vaporizer technologies can eliminate the potential for liquid carry-over and its attendant problems like a DLI vaporizer.” A Brooks DLI vaporizer employs heated gas, rather than a hot metal surface, to accomplish liquid vaporization. As liquid enters the heated gas chamber, it is atomized by a carrier gas stream. Once the atomized liquid contacts the hot gas, it immediately changes to vapor. The result is chemically pure vapor, free of decomposition byproducts or liquid carry-over. Moreover, a Brooks DLI vaporizer can accept multiple liquid inlets and will generate perfectly mixed vapors. Brooks offers vaporizer designs to accommodate an extraordinarily wide range of liquid properties: extremely low vapor pressures (sub 1 torr), very low flow rates (sub 5 grams per hour), and very high flow rates (more than 15 kg/hr). Unlike bubblers and hot-surface vaporizers, Brooks DLI vaporizers are extremely efficient at producing vapor from liquid. Every Brooks DLI vaporizer system is perfectly tailored to each customer’s specific requirements and can be delivered as a fully integrated system or as individual components. For more information about a DLI vaporizer system or to contact your local Brooks expert, visit

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Brooks Instrument, LLC, based in Pennsylvania, is a company of highly trained specialists whose goal is to provide flow solutions that exceed customer expectations. The Company has a proven history of innovation including the first miniaturized Coriolis mass flow controller (Quantim), the first watertight and explosion proof thermal mass flow controller (Mf Series), the first thermal mass flow controller with Foundation Fieldbus (SLA Series), and the first variable area meter with Foundation Fieldbus (MT3809 & MT3750). Today, Brooks Instrument’s portfolio includes glass and metal tube variable area meters (rotameters), thermal mass flow controllers and meters, Coriolis mass flow controllers, meters and transmitters, pressure control products, magnetic level instruments, and a variety of flow accessories. The Company also owns Key Instruments which offers precision machined acrylic flow meters, molded plastic flow meters, glass tube flow meters, electronic flow meters, and flow control valves. Brooks Instrument has manufacturing locations, sales, and service offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information on flow solutions, products, or sales contacts please visit

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