Vacuum Loader features transparent components.

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GlassVu(TM) loading system provides clear views of filling processes by featuring cylindrical loaders, receivers, and machine-mount hoppers with wrap-around glass mid-sections. Modular in construction and comprised of stainless steel, product offers 5-mm thick borosilicate glass sections. GlassVu(TM) loaders, receivers, and hoppers come in ranging sizes, with standard mini-PLC remote control, and blowback system with accumulator.

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See-Through Vacuum Loader Has Uniquely-Shaped Components for Bridge-Free Discharge and 'Fastest Material Changes Available'

CINCINNATI, May 8, 2007: A vacuum loading system of completely new design provides a full view of resin loading and consumption, flawless discharge, easy access for draining and cleanout; and simplified installation, it was announced today by NOVATEC, Inc. The company is introducing the system at Plastics Encounter (Booth 503).

The new GlassVu(TM) loading system includes cylindrical loaders, receivers, and machine-mount hoppers, all of which have large wrap-around glass mid-sections that provide a clear view of the filling process to ensure proper operation and aid in setup. Loaders and receivers have slanted lids that allow full access to the interior without disturbing material or vacuum lines; flat bottoms that provide large openings for resin evacuation; and slanted bottom panels inside the loaders and receivers that are pneumatically opened and closed, functioning as slide-gate valves for efficient discharge. The loaders and receivers are modular in construction, comprised of stainless steel and tough, 5-mm thick borosilicate glass sections.

For installations at the processing machine throat, NOVATEC has developed a glass hopper base, atop which the GlassVu loader or receiver is mounted. The hopper is contained within a sturdy frame and pivots out of the frame for easy draining of residual material.

"The three uniquely designed GlassVu components make up a complete system that increases productivity by giving operators a direct view of what's happening inside, simplifying setup, minimizing flow interruptions, and speeding up drainage and clean-out," said Chuck Morgan, resin handling business director. "By making possible the fastest material changes available, the system promises to be a valuable tool for plastics processors committed to lean manufacturing or just-in-time service to customers."

Morgan cited these advantages of the GlassVu loading system over conventional equipment:

Smoother, bridge-free flow. The straight walls of the loaders and receivers extend right down to the discharge area, eliminating the narrow discharge section which, at the bottom of cone-shaped devices, often causes material to agglomerate or bridge. Further enhancing material flow is a tilted bottom panel inside the loaders and receivers that extends across two-thirds of the diameter and directs material to the open third, where flow is controlled by a side-sealing, pneumatically driven discharge valve. An infrared sensor shines across the discharge opening to provide "full" or "demand" signals to the system controller.

Clear view of the loading process. "Processors have long wanted to actually see inside loaders and receivers rather than depend on no-load alarms," Morgan said. "The large glass sections of the GlassVu system permit instant confirmation that the system is operating and verification of material flows and levels."

Easier access to loader and receiver interior. The positioning of the loader and receiver lid at an angle provides a larger access opening for cleanout than in conventional units. The lid is a captive component that opens and closes on a hinge, freeing up the operator's hands and enhancing safety. Unlike conventional receivers that have the vacuum sequencing valve on top of the lid, the GlassVu receiver has the valve positioned just behind the lid hinge, allowing the lid to be raised for access to the interior without disturbing either vacuum or material lines. This arrangement also provides full access to moving parts in the valve, an improvement over conventional ceiling-mounted "T" valves.

Simpler installation. The inlet section of each loader and receiver is easily adjusted to accommodate the most convenient entry angle. NOVATEC has designed the material entry tube to be tangential to the cylindrical housing of the loader and receiver and integral with a stainless steel section, or cylinder ring, near the top that can be freely rotated 360 degrees to accommodate incoming material lines. Besides speeding installation, this eliminates bends that can be worn from constant material flow.

Faster, tool-free machine-mount hopper drainage. The glass hopper is contained within a frame that is bolted at the machine throat. The hopper pivots away from the throat, allowing residual material to be drained directly through a hole in the base plate of the mounting structure. A seal integral with the hopper prevents moist air from contacting dried materials while the hopper is in operation. Flow into the processing machine is facilitated by a smooth, steep cone at the bottom of the hopper.

GlassVu loaders, receivers, and hoppers are available in a range of sizes. Loaders are shipped with a 38-mm outside-diameter line size and vacuum motors sized according to loader capacity. Also standard is a mini-PLC remote control from Siemens. Included in the loader is a patent-pending blowback system with an accumulator that provides filter cleaning after every loading cycle.

Options included an internal check valve for the material line and a proportioning valve ring in replacement of the tangential inlet section. The ring includes a valve box with virgin and regrind inlets.

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