UV Curable Compound adheres to plastic, glass, and metals.

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Flexible, optically clear UV19 cures upon exposure to UV light at ambient temperatures. Compound is 100% reactive, does not contain any volatiles, and offers abrasion resistance and heat stability. With tensile strength in excess of 800 psi and viscosity of less than 300 cps at 75°F, compound is suited for laminating, sealing, and bonding to substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients.

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Master Bond Inc. Introduces UV19

A New Flexible, Low Viscosity UV Curable Compound Specially Designed For High Performance Laminating, Sealing, Bonding and Coating

HACKENSACK, NJ - Apr 18, 2005 -- Master Bond Inc. of Hackensack, New Jersey has developed UV19, a new low viscosity, flexible UV curable composition formulated for fast, high performance laminating, sealing, bonding and casting. It is an optically clear, mobile liquid which cures readily upon exposure to UV light at ambient temperatures to a flexible strong solid with superior mechanical strength properties and excellent adhesion to many different substrates including most plastics and glasses as well as metals. The UV19 system is 100% reactive and does not contain any volatiles. Unlike many other commercially offered UV curing compounds, its cure is not inhibited by air and it exhibits minimal shrinkage when cured. UV19 has excellent resistance to water and many other aggressive chemicals.

Master Bond UV19's low viscosity of less than 300cps at 75°F enhances its utility for laminating as well as sealing, bonding and coating applications. Its excellent flexibility (over 100% elongation) and outstanding adhesive properties make it particularly attractive for laminating, sealing and bonding to substrates with widely different thermal expansion coefficients such as, for example, glass and polycarbonate. UV19 has a tensile strength in excess of 800 psi and remarkably high impact strength, abrasion resistance and heat stability. This unique combination of processing and performance characteristics has resulted in broad acceptance for many volume industrial applications where currently available products cannot meet the diverse properties exhibited by the Master Bond UV19 system.

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