Urethane requires only one coat.

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High-build, fast-drying, direct-to-metal Fast Clad(TM) DTM Urethane can be applied at 6-9 mils DFT in single coat with no outgassing or pinholing. Urethane dries in 1 hour as corrosion-resistant finish and may be applied at temperatures as low as 35°F, with airless spray equipment, brush, or roller. Coating has 2-hour potlife at 77°F and is for use directly over properly prepared steel.

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Sherwin-Williams New Fast Clad(TM) DTM Urethane Offers Two Coat Performance In a Single Coat

Fast-drying urethane coating eliminates ouitgassing at high film thicknesses

(CLEVELAND, November 7, 2002) - Sherwin-Williams lndustrial and Marine Coatings group is adding Fast Clad(TM) DTM Urethane to its new ExpressTech(TM) coatings family. New Fast Clad DTM Urethane is a high-build, fast-drying, single-coat direct-to-metal urethane that equals the performance of two-coat conventional epoxy/urethane systems. Using one coat instead of two minimizes the high cost of hourly labor, and the coating's fast-dry formulation helps to speed jobs to completion.

An aliplhatic polyurea coating, Fast Clad DTM Urethane outperforms conventional urethanes because it can be applied at 6 to 9 mils DFT in a single coat with no outgassing or pinholing. Conventional urethane systems can be applied at only 2 to 3 mils DFT, so more coats are required to achieve adequate
substrate protection. When conventional urethanes are applied at these high film thicknesses, C02 is formed and released during curing of the paint film, resulting in pinholing problems.

Fast Clad DTM Urethane dries in one hour to a corrosion-resistant finish with excellent color and gloss retention. It may be applied at temperatures as low as 35°F, which helps to extend the painting season and minimize weather delays. Application with airless spray equipment is recommended. The coating may also be applied by brush or roller. Fast Clad DTM Urethane has a two-hour potlife at 77°F. It is ideal for use directly over properly prepared steel in industrial environments in maintenance or new construction applications.

Sherwin-Williams ExpressTech coatings are engineered to improve end-user productivity by helping facilities owners and coatings applicators save time and money on coating. The ExpressTech coating family was developed in response to customer needs.

"Whether they're finishing water tanks, structural steel or plant floors, industrial specifiers and applicators have long had a common desire," says Doni Riddle, vice president and director of Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Division. "In simple terms, they want everything to go faster. Now we can prove we are listening." All of the ExpressTech coatings offer significant benefits, either by reducing application and labor costs, providing faster throughput, faster return to service of equipment, faster stack times in fabrication shops and lower VOC emissions"

Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings group serves North America with a broad line of high-performance coatings, comprehensive technical service, and the industry's largest distribution network. Relying on more than 135 years of experience in formulating industrial coatings, the group
provides cost-effective solutions for applications where extreme corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack are present. Visit Sherwin-Williams on the World Wide Web at www.sherwin-williams.com.

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