Underfill Material is formulated for flip chip packaging.

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Hysol® FP4580 low stress liquid epoxy prevents cracking and delamination of chip's inner layers. It works on copper/low k flip chip laminate packages up to 50 x 50 mm with over 4,000 solder bumps. When fully cured, product forms rigid, low warp seal that dissipates stress on solder joints and extends thermal cycling performance. Hysol® FP4580 underfills devices with gaps as small as 12 microns and meets JEDEC Level 3 245°C preconditioning requirements.

Original Press Release:

Henkel Loctite Introduces Underfill for Low k Flip Chips

San Jose, CA - September 22, 2003... Henkel Loctite Corporation introduced an advanced underfill material that offers enhanced properties for leading edge semiconductors that use low k inner layer dielectric materials for wafer fabrication. Formulated specifically for flip chip packaging, Hysol® FP4580 prevents cracking and delamination of the chip's fragile inner layers.

Henkel Loctite worked closely with LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) to develop and test Hysol® FP4580, a high purity, low stress liquid epoxy. The product offers excellent performance on copper/low k flip chip laminate packages up to 50 x 50 mm with over 4000 bumps. The underfill's physical properties are optimized to balance low stress at the inner layer of the chip with low strain on solder bumps.

Estimated chip stress and solder bump strain for various underfills are illustrated in Figure 1. According to Art Burkhart, vice president of Marketing for semiconductor products at Henkel Loctite, "LSI Logic is the leader in high performance flip-chip packaging and we appreciate its support in developing and validating this breakthrough material."

Adoption of copper damascene metallization and improved inner layer dielectrics are key to achieving electrical performance for the latest generation of integrated circuits designed for 130 and 90-nanometer geometries. Implementation of high performance flip-chip packaging has become critical for these leading-edge chips, such as ASICs.

Maniam Alagaratnam, LSI Logic vice president of Package Development: "This new underfill is a key component of our flip-chip packaging solution for high performance applications, particularly those using a true low-k (Er < 3) technology. Henkel's advanced underfill material meets our needs in maintaining our leadership position in advanced packaging."

When fully cured, this product forms a rigid, low warpage seal that dissipates stress on solder joints and extends thermal cycling performance. Hysol® FP4580 is formulated to quickly underfill devices with gaps as small as 12 microns.

This new underfill material meets JEDEC Level 3 245°C preconditioning requirements and passes package and board level long term reliability testing. For more information on Hysol® FP4580, call 626-968-6511 or visit the Loctite Web site at www.loctite.com/electronics.

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LSI Logic Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of communications, consumer and storage semiconductors for applications that access, interconnect and store data, voice and video. In addition, the company supplies storage network solutions for the enterprise. LSI Logic is headquartered at 1621 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA 95035. lsilogic.com/.

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