Ultrasonic Level Sensors include transmitter and software.

Press Release Summary:

Non-contact BulkSonics sensors and stand-alone Smart Transmitters measure level of bulk solids and liquids. Windows(R) 98 PC-based EView software in each transmitter provides programmable parameters that allow user to program and monitor transmitters from PC in office or plant. Transmitters come with joystick aiming device and are available with optional split-flange for easy assembly and mounting.

Original Press Release:

Ultrasonic Problem Solver for Difficult Applications

ELBURN, IL - With state-of-the-art technology and multiple options, BulkSonics(R) can provide non-contact ultrasonic continuous level measurement in even the most difficult bulk solid and liquid applications.

The BulkSonics line consists of two groups sophisticated sensors and stand-alone transmitters. The Smart Transmitters combine state-of-the-art transducer technology with the latest software techniques. The software contained within each Smart Transmitter features many programmable parameters allowing the user to easily customize the equipment even in the most challenging applications. All Solids Smart Transmitters come with a joystick aiming device and are available with an optional split-flange for easy assembly and mounting.

EView, a Windows(R) 98 PC-based software package, allows the user to program and monitor BulkSonics Smart Transmitters from a PC in the office or plant. Two versions are available. EView works with two to fifteen Smart Transmitters and is optional. EView-Light, for use with a single Smart Transmitter, is included with every Smart Transmitter equipped with a HART communications output.

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