UltraFlex Soldering Cables to Copper Pins within 2 Seconds

UltraFlex Power Technologies has recently demonstrated the time- and cost-efficiency of induction-based cable to copper pin soldering.

UltraFlex is a leading manufacturer of digitally controlled induction heating solutions and is often setting up test applications per customer requests. In this test application, a manufacturer from the aerospace and defense industry was looking to evaluate the usage of induction for the process of cable to copper pin soldering. The goal was to reduce the soldering time from 10 minute to less than 1 minute, while at the same time increasing the soldering quality and repeatability.

UltraFlex engineers recommended using UltraFlex induction heating equipment from the UltraHeat SB series for this test scenario. UltraHeat SB is a high-frequency induction heating equipment that is suitable for soldering and brazing small components and parts such as circuit board connectors, RF Connectors, and cable end connectors. It is a 3 kW, reliable, modular system, easy to maintain and service and capable of delivering full power in the 700kHz – 1.2 MHz frequency range.

The samples provided by the customer for this test application were a large cable with 0.2”(5.08 cm) OD, a pin 1”(2.5 cm) long, 0.178” (0.44 cm) OD, a cable receiver 0.2” (5.08 cm) long, 0.169” (0.42 cm) ID, 0.19” OD and a small cable with 0.09” (0.22 cm) OD, a small pin 0.114”( 0.28 cm) OD and a cable receiver 0.16”( 0.40 cm) long, 0.07”( 0.17 cm) ID. 0.129” (0.32 cm) OD.

The soldering process was started by applying soldering paste inside the cable receiver on the pin and to the stripped end of the cable, after which the pin had been placed inside the holder. A custom induction heating coil was used to entirely cover the cable receiver and heat the parts to be soldered to the target temperature of ~600°F (315°C).

At 60% power, it took mere 2 seconds to reach the target temperature and accomplish the soldering process. The result achieved were parts that were perfectly soldered, in a fraction of the target time. The soldering process was a completely green operation, with no smoke or noxious emissions due to the lack of open flame. Thanks to the high efficiency of induction heating, converting 90% of the energy into heat into the part, this soldering process had been extremely energy- and cost-efficient, in addition to being time-efficient. When transferred to the production line, it would ensure immensely increased repeatability and productivity for the customer.

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