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Dragon 15 Robot Arm comes with brazing rings.

Nov 01, 2017

Dragon 15 Robot Arm is used for brazing process of copper to copper, copper to steel, brass to copper and aluminum tubes. Unit comes with UltraFlex W15 (15 kW) induction heating system which is equipped with universal robots (UR 5) cobot. Product can be integrated with automatic wire feeder and is suitable for different process while reprogramming power, heat cycle, coil positioning and... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heating System is suited for nanoparticle research.

Jun 30, 2015

Used to heat vials containing nanoparticles in research applications, nano-llite UPT-n3 has 3 kW of power and operates with frequencies from 30–300 kHz. Unit supports in vivo and in vitro experiments. Custom coils, exclusively developed for nanoparticle research, optimize magnetic field strength, which is key parameter for heating nanoparticles. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Machines have completely air-cooled design.

Oct 01, 2014

Comprising 3 air-cooled induction heating generators ranging from 8–25 kW, M/Air series is suited for weld preheating and stress relieving. Machines can be used with either dry or water-cooled cables and deliver consistent and repeatable heating. Built-in temperature controller with thermocouple input accommodates multiple user programs with programmable steps and also has inputs for... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing, Non-Industrial Products

Jewelry Casting Machines offer capacity up to 150 g Pt.

Nov 14, 2013

Designed to meet needs of small jewelry shops, EasyCast J Series can cast all precious and non-precious metals. Systems integrate induction heating generator and digital control panel with self-diagnostic features and advanced error messages. Series includes EasyCast EC11 base model as well as EasyCast EC12, which includes IR temperature reader and argon/vacuum pump. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices, Mechanical Power Transmission, Services, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Power Supplies range from 2-25 kW.

Aug 26, 2010

With output frequency range of 40-400 kHz, UltraHeat W Series accommodates wide range of loads. Output circuit is designed to automatically tune to parameters of load, optimizing output performance. Units are suitable for heat treating, bonding, annealing, and hardening as well as brazing, sealing, soldering, tempering, and shrink fitting. Read More

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