UltraFlex Induction Soldering Copper to Brass within 20 Seconds

The defect-free, time- and cost-efficient induction soldering of copper tube to brass valve has recently been demonstrated by UltraFlex Power Technologies. UltraFlex - a leading manufacturer of digitally controlled, advanced induction heaters is frequently setting up test induction soldering applications per customer request, aiming to demonstrate the efficiency of induction soldering compared to traditional, torch-based soldering.

This test scenario had been set up per request of a potential customer from the HVAC industry who was looking to replace torch heating in their manufacturing process for the sake of eliminating defects in the produce and improving the safety for the operators. The soldering scenario required that copper pipes be reliably brazed to a brass assembly, at a target temperature of 932°F (500°C).

UltraFlex engineers considered the UltraFlex UltraHeat W induction heater as most appropriate for this induction heating scenario. UltraHeat W is an advanced, cost-effective 5-15 kW induction heating system that utilizes the latest switching power supply technology. It features an adaptive digital phase control providing very efficient operation in a wide frequency range. The time- and energy efficiency in this test scenario was further increased thanks to using a coated, custom-designed UltraFlex coil.

The heating process had been started by first assembling the setup of copper tubing and brass valves. Flux was then applied to each joint and the heating process was started.

At power output of 11 kW, it took mere 20 seconds for the target soldering temperature to be reached, so solder could manually be applied. The final result was - a reliable, even solder around the joints, at a fraction of the usual time and costs compared to when torch-based soldering is used. Due to the lack of open flame, this had been a completely safe process - safe for the operator, safe for the environment. Thanks to the digital control of UltraFlex induction heating systems, with pre-set programs and automated temperature control, when used on the production line this induction soldering process would produce consistent, reliable results every time, with no dependency on the operator skill.

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