U2D2 USB2Dynamixel 2.0 Interface weighs 9 grams.

Press Release Summary:

U2D2 USB2Dynamixel 2.0 Interface comes with high-retention force JST connection headers. Unit offers communication speed up to 6Mbps baudrate and comes in 2 in. length. Product can be mounted on mobile robotic platform or connected to a PC via a USB-Micro cable. Interface’s exterior housing allows user to accept robot kit 6mm Plate & rivet standard mounting hardware.

Original Press Release:

Introducing USB2Dynamixel 2.0

An Improved Interface for ROBOTIS Dynamixel Communication

Smaller, faster and more portable than before, the USB2Dynamixel 2.0 “U2D2” provides a de-cluttered interface for Dynamixel devices.

Previous versions of the USB2Dynamixel device required the user to manually operate a selector switch to shift communication protocols between 3-wire TTL, 4-wire RS485 and 9-pin RS232 connections. The new U2D2 ditches legacy RS232 in favor of a 4-pin UART interface and also removes the need for a manual selector switch – the result is that the U2D2 can now communicate across multiple protocols simultaneously from a single device.

At less than two inches long and weighing in at just 9 grams, the U2D2 can easily be mounted in semipermanent applications on a mobile robotic platform or connected to a PC via a USB-Micro cable for direct communication with Dynamixel actuators and UART-enabled controller boards. The exterior housing can accept ROBOTIS Robot Kit 6mm Plate & Rivet standard mounting hardware or traditional 2mm fastener screws for plastic.

Other features include new high-retention force JST connection headers, a faster maximum communication speed (up to 6Mbps Baudrate) and the ability to toggle an on-board termination resistance and 3.3V UART logic.


ROBOTIS is a leading developer of smart servos, industrial actuators, manipulators, open-source humanoid robot platforms and educational robot kits based on our DYNAMIXEL actuator technology. Our products are designed to be deployed in a wide variety of fields including Education, Hobby/DIY, Research & Development, Prototyping, and Industrial applications.

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