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U2D2 USB2Dynamixel 2.0 Interface weighs 9 grams.

Dec 01, 2017

U2D2 USB2Dynamixel 2.0 Interface comes with high-retention force JST connection headers. Unit offers communication speed up to 6Mbps baudrate and comes in 2 in. length. Product can be mounted on mobile robotic platform or connected to a PC via a USB-Micro cable. Interface’s exterior housing allows user to accept robot kit 6mm Plate & rivet standard mounting hardware.

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TurtleBot 3 R.O.S.-Based Robot is available in two default configurations.

Nov 15, 2017

The fully modular R.O.S.-based TurtleBot 3 robot is available in two default configurations. Features include a 360-degree LiDAR unit and a 9-axis inertial management unit. Other options include single board computers (SBC), sensors, wheel-based drivetrains, and a multi-jointed manipulator. Currently available as a kit.

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Mechanical Power Transmission

DYNAMIXEL X-Series Actuators feature redesigned aluminum case.

Oct 25, 2017

DYNAMIXEL X-Series Actuators offer idle current of 40mA and can track output position up to 4096 steps-per-revolution. Units use hollow back case which allows user to rout wires under the rear cable cover or via a port-hole in the idler bearing. Product enables operator to modify acceleration and velocity parameters and provides two current-based torque control modes. Actuators feature... Read More