Two VIA Members Working Together on New Flooring Product

DSM Desotech and Painters USA, both members of the Valley Industrial Association, have teamed up to bring a new product to the marketplace. UVolve®, dubbed "an instant floor coating" by manufacturer DSM, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional epoxy, MMA, or urethane floors. After application, the surface is instantly cured with a proprietary ultra-violet light machine, allowing a return to normal operations in just hours instead of days. For any industry in which downtime is unacceptable, UVolve® is the answer.

The UVolve® surface is as durable as it is fast. Test it against your toughest conditions-heavy loads, harsh chemicals, even forklift tire prints wipe clean in seconds. "It is more durable, and with a lower slip-coefficient, than the standard floors currently in wide spread use today; you'll definitely see an improvement in performance", said Renee Beall, VP of Business Development at DSM. Best of all UVolve® is applied without the use of solvents, which means no harmful fumes to contend with during application. Safer for your staff, easy on the environment.

UVolve® was launched in February, 2009, with Painters USA, Inc as the first certified contractor in the nation. Pat Coady of Painters USA said "We're very excited to be on the ground floor (no pun intended) of a technological breakthrough like UVolve®. In one stroke, it answers all the problems inherent in the typical floor systems of the past."

For additional information, or to schedule a quote, please contact one of our Coating Specialists at 630-653-8715.

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