Two-Hand Control Device is suited for use on presses.

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PNOZ e2.1p electronic, 2-hand control device is suited for type IIIC in accordance with EN 574. Using semiconductor technology, non-wearing product requires no maintenance and is resistant to shock and vibration. Enclosed in 22.5 mm slim-line housing, it is comprised of 2-hand control, emergency stop function, and operating mode selector switch. Unit also offers continuous function test on inputs and permanent self check.

Original Press Release:

Pilz Automation Safety Introduces: The PNOZ e2.1p The World's First Electronic Two-Hand Control Device

Pilz is launching the world's first electronic two-hand control device for type IIIC in accordance with EN 574. The PNOZ e2.1p is therefore particularly suitable for use on presses. The PNOZ e2.2p version is also available for less stringent safety requirements complying with IIIA.

The use of semiconductor technology means the unit is non-wearing and requires no maintenance, while also making the PNOZ e2.1p resistant to shock and vibration. Users therefore benefit from a long service life, even with frequent operations. The two-hand control device is enclosed in a 22.5 mm slim-line housing and can be connected to other relays in the PNOZelog-range via logic AND/OR operations. It is simple to implement a complete solution comprising two-hand control, emergency stop function and operating mode selector switch, while also reducing the amount of wiring involved.

PNOZelog safety relays are suitable for safety functions such as monitoring emergency stops, safety gates and light barriers, with or without a time delay. A continuous function test on the inputs and a permanent self check guarantee a high level of safety.

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