Turning Center is designed for quick job changeover.

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Offered with 27 mm 5C or 42 mm 16C collet-ready spindles, Super-Precision Quest CHNC turning center is built atop Harcrete® base that provides vibration damping, structural rigidity, and thermal stability. Other components include 7.5 kW (10 hp) drive system; 8- or 4-position, gang tool-style, pre-set tooled top plates that can be interchanged in minutes; and Hardinge/Fanuc 21i-T CNC unit with .000010 in. programmable resolution/tool offset capability.

Original Press Release:

Hardinge to Introduce Their High-Performance Quest CHNC Turning Center at EASTEC '09

ELMIRA, NEW YORK: The Hardinge Group (http://hardinge.com) will introduce their new Super-Precision Quest CHNC turning center at the EASTEC Advanced Productivity Exposition in booth 1333. Offered with a 27mm 5C collet-ready spindle or a 42mm 16C collet-ready spindle, the machine is designed for high accuracy and quick job changeover to meet the increasing demands of the medical, aerospace, defense, and computer/electronics industries. This next generation design configuration allows the use of top plates and tooling used on thousands of previous generation CHNC machine installations worldwide.

Built on the same platform as Quest GT-series gang tool lathes, the Harcrete® base is a proven synthetic structure that provides superior vibration damping, structural rigidity and exceptional thermal stability. The powerful 7.5-kW (10-hp) drive system offers 30% more torque and is a complete Fanuc motor and drive system. A full complement of Hardinge workholding devices is available to accurately grip workpieces (collets, step chucks, expanding collets, Sure-Grip jaw chucks, etc).

8-position or 4-position gang tool-style pre-set tooled top plates can be interchanged in minutes, making the Quest CHNC machine ideally suited for running repeat jobs and drastically reducing overall setup time. Once a job has been set up and proved out the first time, the tooled top plate, program, workshift and tool offsets can be removed from the machine and stored until needed for the next batch of similar parts. Plus the turret top plate index time is 4X faster, further reducing cycle times.

The overall machine design incorporates the Hardinge high-precision spindle with 15 millionths part roundness, high-precision linear guideways, and high-class fixed pre-tensioned ballscrews, providing optimum stiffness, less friction, less heat and less thermal growth. The end result is high-precision machining with minimal human intervention.

The Hardinge/Fanuc 21i-T CNC control unit includes a .000010" (.00010mm) programmable resolution/tool offset capability and many standard features, such as Ethernet card, custom macro B programming, extended part program edit, and run time and parts counter.

Quest CHNC turning centers are fully backed by Hardinge's wide range of services including spare parts, phone and field service, machine documentation, training and full warranty.

The Hardinge Group includes, Hardinge, Bridgeport, Hauser, Kellenberger, Tripet and Tschudin brands. Founded nearly 120 years ago, Hardinge is a global leader in providing turning, milling, grinding and workholding solutions to meet a wide array of market needs. The company's common stock trades on NASDAQ under the symbol HDNG, and is headquartered in Elmira, New York.

Hardinge Inc., One Hardinge Drive, PO Box 1507, Elmira, New York 14902-1507 USA. Phone: 800-843-8801; Fax: 607-734-8819; E-mail: mailto:info@hardinge.com; Internet: http://hardinge .com

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