Tunable Diode Laser System measures gas concentrations.

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Available in FM 1D1 and ATEX versions for Zones I and II, Sitrans SL combines benefits of tunable diode laser technology with direct operating mode close to process. Non-interfering inline reference cell enables laser locking independent of process gas concentration. Laser light is sent from transmitter, through process gas, and arrives at detector on receiver side. Since bandwidth of laser light is narrow, only gas component of interest will interact with it, providing accurate O2 analysis.

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Siemens Introduces the SITRANS SL at ISA Expo 2009

Atlanta - Siemens Industry, Inc. today announced the introduction of the Sitrans SL, which combines the benefits of process proven tunable diode laser (TDL) technology with a direct operating mode as close as possible to the process.

The new Sitrans SL is the only TDL that has a special non-interfering inline reference cell that provides accurate results for at least one year. This enables laser locking completely independent of process gas concentrations, which leads to stable operation, negligible drift values and extended maintenance intervals. Additionally, with its unique compact and durable design, the sensors require very little maintenance even in the most corrosive and hazardous sampling environments.

The new sensors (transmitter and receiver) are designed to be mounted directly on the processing line with no need for a sampling system. Laser light is sent from the transmitter, passing through the process gas, arriving at the detector on the receiver side. The measurements are carried out on-line with a very short response time permitting fast and effective cost-savings in process control.

The laser characteristics of the Sitrans SL allow single-line spectroscopy free of interferences. Since the band width of the laser light is extremely narrow, only the gas component of interest will interact with it providing the user with highly accurate O2 analysis that only requires yearly calibration checks. Other process influences, such as dust and temperature, are easily eliminated due to the inherent compensation capabilities of this technique.

Designed for process control and optimization, safety monitoring and combustion control, the Sitrans SL is well suited for industrial applications such as chemical, steel and municipal waste. The Sitrans SL is available in both FM 1D1 and ATEX versions for Zones I and II.

For more information on the Sitrans SL visit www.usa.siemens.com/sl or call 800-964-4114.

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