Transistors use gold topside metallization and gold wires.

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L-Band, Long Pulse Model 1214-32L is rated with input power of 5.3 W to provide minimum power output of 32 W over 1.2-1.4 GHz band. Model 1214-150L is rated with input power of 27 W to provide minimum output of 150 W over same frequency range. Units are suited for full range of L-Band radar applications.

Original Press Release:

Advanced Power Technology RF (APT-RF) Announces TWO Higher Power, LONG PULSE L-Band Transistors at MTT-S Symposium

Expansion of L-Band line verifies Commitment to the future of Radar Markets

Santa Clara, CA - Advanced Power Technology RF, a leading supplier of silicon power transistors for radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications, is announcing the next in its series of High power L-Band LONG PULSE transistors. These new products utilizes newer chip designs and processing enhancements to offer performance improvements, notably in PULSE WIDTH and Duty Factor along with power gain and gain flatness over the frequency range. Products and data will be shown during the MTT-S Symposium in Fort Worth.

APT-RF is developing a full family of L and S-Band transistors and has generated a library of transistor die to cover the applications from 1.2 to 3.4 GHz at the key pulse widths and power levels. All of the transistors use Gold Topside metallization and Gold Wires. In support of the development of the final transistors we have established the capability to perform Pulsed Load Pull Analysis on the transistor structure to obtain the data which is used to establish the optimum internal matching networks. This information is then used with EM Simulation to generate the final test fixtures. The resulting transistors offer improved performance over the operating band - resulting in flatter power gain and higher overall power gain and efficiency.

The 1214-32L is rated with an input power of 5.3 Watts to provide a minimum power output of 32 Watts over the band 1.2 to 1.4 GHz ---The 1214-150L is rated with an input power of 27 Watts to provide a minimum power output of 150 Watts over the band 1.2 to 1.4 GHz . The higher output power allows the designer to reduce the number of high power transistors needed in order to produce amplifiers with multi kilowatt output.

"Customers turn to APT-RF for our application-specific designs and ability to deliver transistors that meet the design criteria of their circuits," said Mike Mallinger, Director of Product Marketing for Radar Applications. "Our next generation L-Band transistors give us the ability to offer a family of devices for a full range of L-Band radar applications, not only for short pulses (100 microseconds or less) or at two milliseconds and now at five milliseconds - thereby covering all the key L-Band radar applications. These new designs, coupled with our automated assembly and test will provide customers with an assured source of supply providing the most consistent and reproducible product on the market for L-Band Radar".

Price and Availability
Small volume pricing (1-24 pieces) for 1214-32K is $218.24 and the 1214-150L is $485.96. Product availability is 6-12 wks, or sooner pending stock. Transistor data sheets and test circuit layout can be downloaded from the web site or obtained from the factory.

With operations in Bend, Oregon, Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, Santa Clara, California and Bordeaux France, APT is a leading supplier of power semiconductors for RF, Microwave, Linear and Switchmode applications. For additional information on Advanced Power Technology visit its web site at

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