TPR2 Introduces Waterproof, Zero VOC, Non-Flammable 1 and 2 Hour Rated Fire Endurance Coatings

WATERBURY, CT - September 2006 - TPR2 , Thermal Product Research, announces it's latest new fire safety product for the Building industries... NON-FLAMMABLE barrier coatings for interior AND exterior wall assemblies. This revolutionary new coating is non toxic, zero VOC and can be brushed, sprayed, or rolled on to a host of substrates to provide ASTM E119 approved fire barrier and more importantly zero smoke capabilities.

The technology from TPR2 has successfully passed fire endurance tests for up to 2hours over ½ " sheetrock walls, seals the substrate from moisture and greatly reduces the toxic smoke generated in a fire.

According to Rick Barone, VP of Marketing for TPR2, "TPR2 has had unique technologies for awhile for use in mining and commercial equipment. We have several other revolutionary technologies emerging in coatings, mastics, putty's and even Firestable(TM) foams. The most important feature of this waterproof coating technology is that it's very affordable for widespread use low as $.48/ft², close to paint costs per square foot."

Per Jay Guisti, Director of Sales for TPR2 "A similar coating technology is also being used in motor sports for the protection and safety of NASCAR Nextel drivers. Subsequently, product which is protecting professionals like Dale Earnhardt Jr can also be protecting your home."

Founded in 2001, Thermal Product Research was created with a purpose of creating new technology and safety products in the motorsports industry worldwide. TPR2's technology includes: insulation, anti-explosion, fire abatement, non-flammable and fire extinguishing products. TPR2's product lines also include coatings, pellets, plastics & powder technologies.

More information as well as test videos on this coating can be found at You can send email to or call the company direct at 203-756-8772.

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