TPR2 Introduces E119 Fire Endurance Firestable(TM) Sprayfoam

WATERBURY, CT - December 2006 - on the coat tails of achieving Class A ratings for foam, TPR2 , Thermal Product Research, announces It's Firestable(TM) spray PU foam has passed E119 ratings for the building industry. This revolutionary expanded spray foam can be used to protect a host of substrates to provide fire barrier and more importantly prolonged protection in the event of building fires.

The technology from TPR2 stays stable longer when exposed to flame, seals the wall from vapor migration longer and greatly reduces the toxic smoke generated in a fire. A version of the product has already passed International Building Code requirements for thermal barrier performance. Other versions of the products have passed over 1hr endurance ratings.

According to Peter Gummo, President of TPR2, "TPR2 has been developing this unique technology for awhile to used in mining and other applications. The Firestable system we've developed will revolutionize how insulative foams are used in the marketplace. We have several other revolutionary technologies emerging in coatings, mastics, putty's besides Firestable foams. Most importantly, our technology is very affordable for widespread use in the building industry.

Founded in 2004, Thermal Product Research was created with a purpose of creating new technology and safety products in the motorsports industry worldwide. TPR2's technology includes: insulation, anti-explosion, fire abatement, non-flammable and fire extinguishing products. TPR2's product lines also include coatings, pellets, plastics & powder technologies.

More information as well as test videos on this coating can be found at

You can send email to or call the company direct at 203-756-8772.

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