Toyota Uses New Soliant Fluorex® Bright Film for Branding, Styling, Cost Saves & Environmental Benefits

LANCASTER, S.C., April 26 -- Soliant created a new Fluorex® bright film for the Toyota Avensis brand name to be molded into the doorstep enabling it to be completely decorated and molded in polypropylene. Soliant Fluorex® bright film also enables the Toyota brand name 'Avensis' to be recessed with a decorative and stylish brushed chrome appearance across the entire doorstep surface as the part is molded. "Fluorex® bright film enables more value for OEMs and tier-1 suppliers via streamlined processing, assembly and making recycling of the 100% polypropylene part easy," said Richard Taylor, Commercial Manager for ecomold ltd., based in Scunthorpe, UK., who is moulding the part for Toyota. "The previous doorstep molding required assembling of the Avensis nameplate on the doorstep making recycling difficult," continues Taylor.

Soliant Fluorex® bright film is supplied as a decal to ecomold ltd. A specific IMD (Injection Molding Decorating) tool is used to mold the flat decal in the correct shape. The Toyota "Avensis" brand name is pressed into the film. The narrow gap between the chrome appearance and the PP (Polypropylene) resin provides a high quality look.

Soliant Fluorex® bright film offers additional environmental benefits as it enables a chrome-like finish without the hazardous effects of electroplating. Automakers, consumers and the environment all benefit as use of Soliant Fluorex® bright film and paintfilm also encourages the use of lighter weight materials on automotive vehicles which results in better fuel economy. Soliant won the Environmental Award in the "Emerging Technologies" category at SPE-GPEC 2006 (- Global Plastics Environmental Conference), for their paint film process.

Soliant Fluorex® bright film and paintfilm is gaining popularity amongst automakers looking to improve vehicle exterior quality and appearance with more durable finishes. Gravelometer laboratory tests and field tests show that paintfilm is much more chip resistant and weather resistant than paint. This gives automakers more value and less warranty issues.

In addition to offering greater durability, Soliant Fluorex® paintfilm is also driving major manufacturing cost saves. An immediate cost save results as automakers save a step in the manufacturing process as paintfilm parts are finished right out of the mold. Soliant Fluorex® bright film and paintfilm are compatible with extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding and compression molding enabling multiple parts to be processed with one film. The versatility of Soliant Fluorex® bright film and paintfilm also gives automakers the ability to achieve multiple looks and decorating options with the same tool and process. The biggest cost save results in new plants as there is no need to install or maintain a painting facility which can be millions of dollars. Further cost saves result as there are also no environmental compliance issues.

Soliant LLC is headquartered in Lancaster, South Carolina with sales offices in Detroit and The Netherlands. The company has an R&D facility in Lancaster that is developing products to meet growing market demands and to support customers.

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