Touch-Safe Cover inserts and extracts 10.3 x 38 mm fuses.

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Together with PCB-mount CSO fuse clips and ASO 10.3 x 38 mm fuse, ESO 10.3x38 provides touch-safe cover according to IP20 specifications and is suited for photovoltaic applications up to 30 A at 1,500 Vdc. Cover also serves to extract blown fuse with no additional tools required. Legend can be applied to cover for string or other fuse identification. With rated current from 1–30 A and rated voltage of 1,000 Vdc, ASO 10.3x3 midget fuse meets UL 2579 and IEC 60269-6 photovoltaic standards.

Original Press Release:

Innovative Touch-safe Cover for 10.3x38 Fuses

New fuse cover for PCB mount fuse clips inserts and extracts fuse

Santa Rosa, California, - SCHURTER is pleased to introduce the ESO 10.3x38 touch-safe fuse cover designed to safely and securely insert and extract 10.3x38 mm fuses. After inserting the ESO 10.3x38 with captive fuse into the fuse clips, the complete installation provides a touch-safe cover according to IP20 specifications; additionally the cover serves to extract a blown fuse. No additional tools are required.

The ESO 10.3x38 touch-safe fuse cover, together with SCHURTER’s CSO fuse clips and ASO 10.3x38 mm fuse, is ideal for use in photovoltaic applications up to 30A@1500 VDC. Specific applications include solar inverters, string fuse boxes, battery charge controllers and numerous applications in the energy and industrial sectors. The ESO 10.3x38 and SCHURTER CSO fuse clips can be used up to 32 A at 1500 VAC/VDC with industry standard 10.3x38 midget size fuses. When using the ESO 10.3x38 with SCHURTER’s CSO fuse clips, the combination carries cURus certification. A legend can be applied to the cover for string or other fuse identification. The ASO 10.3x3 midget fuse meets UL 2579 and IEC 60269-6 photovoltaic standards. Rated current ranges from 1-30 A and rated voltage is 1000 VDC.

Detailed information on the ESO 10.3x38 can be found on the SCHURTER website Following is a link to view the installation video: Pricing is $0.80 each per 100 pieces. For sales and product information contact Cora Umlauf at 800 848-2600 or


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