Tormach Releases Newly Designed Machine Controller

Mach3-platform software now fully integrated into CAM

Waunakee, WI May 9, 2007 - Tormach LLC, innovators of personal CNC technology, announced today the release of its new CNC Machine Control software. Based on a platform of widely popular CNC controller Mach 3 from ArtSoft, the M3 release contains new modifications that allow direct integration with a variety of CAM applications.

With its mid-size, affordable, and highly accessible PCNC 1100 mill equipment, Tormach has finally brought the benefits of precise computerized cutting to individual craftsmen and small to medium-sized businesses. Besides well-designed hardware, easy-to-use PC-based software controls have been a critical element in the personal CNC trend.

"Our mission has always been to make the transition to CNC milling easy and affordable," says Tormach CEO Greg Jackson. "Our M3 release takes a big step toward lowering the barrier to CNC. Every machine we ship now includes CAD, CAM, and the new Machine Control program. This is unheard of for a $6800 CNC mill, but we felt that full integration was part of our goal."

Tormach customers receive access to 3D CAD with Alibre Design Xpress, a user-affable mechanical modeler. CAM software, which converts CAD drawings and models into machine-read toolpaths, is included with the PCNC 1100 mill in the form of a starter edition of SheetCAM. CNC Machine Control converts CAM-produced g-code instructions as machine movements. The M3 modifications allow the program to work directly with SheetCAD, as well as TurboCADCAM and SprutCAM.

Other features of the new controller include a 'feed & speed' calculator, pre-programmed M-codes for tapping head, improved tool path displays, a maintenance hour log, and extended conversational programs, in addition to new user definable G28 operation.

The M3 release has been coordinated with the release of Tormach's Jog/Shuttle Controller, a low cost accessory for manual motion control. The Jog/Shuttle controller is considered "plug and play" through a standard USB connection.

"Legacy electronic hand wheels, commonly known as MPGs, or Manual Pulse Generators, are clumsy in comparison to a Jog/Shuttle interface," says Jackson. "Instead of a simple wheel-controlling position, the Jog/Shuttle method has two concentric wheels controlling both position and velocity dynamically."

The M3 release requires Windows XP or Vista and is available as a free upgrade for all past Tormach mill users. It can also be downloaded for trial use in an offline mode when a PCNC 1100 mill is not available.

About Tormach
The people at Tormach are dedicated to delivering tools, accessories, and components of unprecedented value in the world of CNC and motion control. Whether customers are involved in R&D, education, short run production, or simply entrepreneurs with new ideas, Tormach products allow them to make what they need easier, quicker, and more affordably. Tormach is headquartered in Waunakee, Wisconsin. For more information about 'personal CNC' mills, please visit or by contacting Tormach directly at


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