Tiny Test Lab in Your Pocket

A high-performance Test & Measurement Lab in your pocket? Innovators, Elan Digital have produced just that - a set of pen-style instruments that plug into the PC's USB port including software for Windows98, 2K and XP.

The set comprises an oscilloscope, a function generator, a pulse/clock generator and a frequency/period counter in an identical form factor. Galvanic isolation protects equipment and users from potential shock or damage. All the devices can be synchronized and stacked or plugged together via a flexible hub providing a highly sophisticated, portable and very affordable Test Lab.

The USBscope50, a digital storage oscilloscope offers 50Msps 8-bit single shot 1Gsps equivalent time sampling, DC-75MHz analogue bandwidth with 1Meg/15pF input impedance. Input range 0.3-300v with industry standard probes.

Next in the set is the USBwave12 Function Generator providing all the usual functions found in standard bench-type function generators, including sine, square and triangle wave output, 0 to 12.5MHz frequency range with a 0.2Hz resolution, 0 to ±10V amplitude range with a 20mV resolution, 0 to ±10V offset range with a 20mV resolution, 50 Ohm output impedance, and output can also be tri-stated to protect sensitive circuitry whilst the function generator is set up. Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) for excellent stability and has user-programmable frequency and phase.

Additionally, there is a Pulse and Clock Generator, the USBpulse100, which has a 0-100Mhz frequency range in 5V mode, with 4 programmable output drive levels, square wave output with 50% variable duty cycle, tri-stateable output. It offers continuous running or single pulse modes.

The USBcount50, a Frequency/Period Counter, completes the set, measuring frequencies up to 50MHz using internal reference periods of 0.1s, 1s or 10s. 100MHz count rates are also possible. Periods from 10ns to over 268s using internal reference clocks of 100MHz, 10MHz or 1MHz, and reciprocal measurements for frequencies down to 4mHz.

About Elan
Elan Digital Systems Ltd. are a specialist design house in the UK, centered on interface technology. A world-wide range of clients uses their products and custom design services. Elan Digital have ISO9001 (2000) approval.

Known for their expertise in innovative designs, Elan Digital Systems have a number of international design patents related to their own proprietary products.

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