Timing Solution targets set-top boxs and digital televisions.

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Model PI6C6612 audio synthesizer and PI6CX100-272 27 MHz VCXO IC pair up to offer digital multimedia timing solution for set-top boxes, DTV, and portable media players. PI6C6612 provides low jitter, low phase noise, and synchronous clock signals for digital audio applications with flexible sampling clock rates derived from MPEG2 stream, while PI6CX100-272 3.3 V IC is used to drive clocking for MPEG2 decoder.

Original Press Release:

Pericom's Precision Digital Multimedia Clock Pair Targets Set-Top Box and Digital Television

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 27 / / -- Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:PSEM), a worldwide preferred supplier of both silicon-based clock integrated circuits and quartz-based frequency control products (FCP), is announcing the launch of a Precision Audio Synthesizer and a 27MHz VCXO that pair up to offer customers a digital multimedia timing solution for fast-growing markets like Set-top Box, DTV, and Portable Media Players.

"PI6C6612 is a precision clock generator designed to provide low jitter, low phase noise, and synchronous clock signals for digital audio applications with flexible sampling clock rates derived from a MPEG2 stream. PI6CX100-272 is a low-cost, high-performance, 3.3V, 27MHz VCXO IC commonly used to drive the clocking for the MPEG2 decoder within digital Set-top Box and Television systems," said Kay Annamalai, Senior Clock Marketing Director. "Customers benefit from Pericom being a single source for both FCP and Clock IC needs, and our SRX7177-E crystal is recommended to go with the PI6CX100-272 VCXO, while the 49SMLB27.0000 crystal can be used along with the PI6C6612 audio clock synthesizer," Annamalai continued.

Pericom is industry unique in that the Company is able to offer customers a "Total Timing Solution" by offering comprehensive portfolios of not only silicon-based clock ICs like clock buffers and generators, but also quartz-based Frequency Control Products (FCP) like crystals and oscillators. This broad and synergistic portfolio mix provides customers with improved performance products at a lower cost.

Availability and Pricing:

Samples, datasheets, application note, IBIS, and application support can be found by visiting the company website at www.pericom.com/timing. These products are in full production today. Pricing ranges from $1.25 for the PI6C6612 (Clock Generator), to $0.40 for the PI6CX100-272 (VCXO) in 1,000 unit quantities.

About Pericom:

Pericom Semiconductor Corporation offers customers worldwide the industry's most complete silicon and quartz-based solutions for the Computing, Communications, and Industrial market segments. Our broad portfolio of leading-edge analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits and SaRonix frequency control products are essential in the timing, transferring, routing, and translating of high-speed signals as required by today's ever-increasing speed and bandwidth demanding applications. Company headquarters are in San Jose, California, with design centers and sales offices located globally. www.pericom.com

Source: Pericom Semiconductor Corporation

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