Three New Highly Reliable, Economical Surface Mount Terminals Announced

Three new highly reliable and economical surface mount terminals have been announced by Zierick Manufacturing Corporation, Mount Kisco, NY. The new devices include a Surface Mount Post/.031" x .062" Tab (P/N 1276), which can be automatically placed on the board in any configuration with the customer's SMT placement system. The second new part is a Surface Mount Box Receptacle (P/N 1277) which mates with a .025" pin in a vertical, horizontal, or through-board orientation. Zierick's new SMT/THT Quick Disconnect Tab (P/N 6284) offers all the advantages of both surface mount and through-hole technologies. These three unique new components join Zierick's industry-leading family of SMT products for the automotive, telecommunications, and power supply markets.

Zierick's SMT Pins and Posts, SMT Headers and Specialty headers feature capillary action enhanced solder joints, a unique, Zierick-patented exclusive. The benefits of capillary action enhanced solder joints are reduced solder joint fracture resulting from shock, vibration, and thermal cycling; a significantly stronger solder joint compared with conventional solder joints; terminals that do not float on top of the melted solder during the reflow process; and elimination of coplanarity problems and difficulties associated with PCB warpage.

For a more detailed explanation of how capillary action provides these multiple benefits, please see "Capillary Action Enhanced Connectors".

Another Zierick innovation provides a solution for terminating a wire inexpensively to a surface mount board which is subject to an extremely demanding environment. Zierick's SMT insulation piercing terminals provide the least expensive way to terminate a wire. The torsion IDC provides the most reliable connection to be found. Because of its unique design, the contact resistance keeps decreasing over time as the connector is subjected to a harsh environment. While the conventional insulation displacement terminals are designed for one wire size and a single use, the torsion IDC can accommodate a range of wire (solid or stranded) and can be terminated multiple times. For more detailed information about torsion IDC, please see "A New Type of Very High Reliability Torsion IDC".

Surface Mount terminals are now being used in more and more demanding applications in markets and industries such as telecommunications, power supplies, and especially in automotive, where they are subjected to shock, vibration, and elevated temperatures. Zierick's growing family of surface mount terminals are designed to satisfy these demanding requirements.

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