Thomas Awarded Initiative Mid-Sized Companies Innovation Award for 1420 Series Pump

Thomas Products Division, a Gardner Denver
Company, has received the Innovation Award of the
Initiative Mid-Sized Companies in the medical
category for the 1420 Series miniature diaphragm
compressor and vacuum pump.

Designed primarily for medical applications, the 1420
Series achieves higher flows than conventional
standard diaphragm pumps of the same physical size.
Manufactured in Puccheim, Germany, the 1420 Series
was also recognized for efficiency, quiet operation,
modular construction and overall design.

Thomas Products Division, a Gardner Denver
Company based in Sheboygan, WI, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision
engineered compressors and vacuum pumps. Thomas products are found in medical and
pharmaceutical equipment, automobiles, business machines, printing presses, packaging
machines, environmental systems and vending products, among others. Gardner Denver is a
leading worldwide manufacturer of reciprocating, rotary and vane compressors, liquid ring
pumps and blowers for various industrial and transportation applications, pumps used in the
petroleum and industrial markets, and other fluid transfer equipment serving chemical, petroleum
and food industries. Gardner Denver (NYSE: GDI) is headquartered in Quincy, IL.

David Charles Droege
(920) 451-4288

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