Thickness Gauge measures with ±0.001 in. accuracy.

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Hand-held Model 705 measures thickness of metal structures such as piping, storage tanks, pressure vessels, and cylinders. Battery-powered, ultrasonic unit offers measurement range of 0.04-20 in. and temperature range of 5-120°F. It includes selectable gain for different probes and materials, automatic V-PATH correction, HI and LO transducer frequency selection, built-in calibration block, English or metric read-out, low battery indicator, and auto shut-off.

Original Press Release:

Hand-Held Thickness Gauge; Lightweight and High-Precision, Yet Affordable

West Chester, PA --- Priced at less than $800, the new Model 705 hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauge from NDT International, Inc. makes it highly affordable to conduct high-precision measurements in nearly any application.

The NDT Model 705 measures, from one side, the thickness of metal structures such as piping, storage tanks, pressure vessels, hulls, and cylinders, to an accuracy of ±0.001". It's especially useful in determining whether inner walls have become eroded or corroded without having to cut or drill through.

Lightweight (12 oz.) and easy to use, the battery-powered Model 705 has a measurement range from 0.04" to 20" (dependent on transducer & material), and a temperature range of 5° - 120° (F). Its liquid crystal display (LCD) is easy to read, has a switchable backlight and its low power draw extends battery life.

Standard features include: selectable gain for different probes and materials; automatic V-PATH correction; HI and LO transducer frequency selection; built-in calibration block; English or metric read-out; "low battery" indicator; and battery-saving auto shut-off.

Made with a high-impact anodized aluminium housing, the Model 705 is built for long use and comes with a full two-year warranty. All service repairs are performed by NDT International.

NDT International, Inc. has been a leading-edge supplier of nondestructive testing equipment since 1971, and is a member of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing. It also manufactures acoustic leak detection systems, and can provide a variety of accessories and supplies for your nondestructive testing applications.

For further information or contact Mr. Vic Kelly, NDT International, Inc., 711 Creek Rd., West Chester, PA 19382. Phone: (610) 793-1700. Fax: (610) 793-1702. Or see the Model 705 Thickness Gauge at

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