Thermoformed Truck Bumper has chrome-like finish.

Press Release Summary:

HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT(TM) (HAB(TM)) mirror-finish, non-metal bumper delivers durability and impact-resistance. Bumper is a lightweight composition of formable, shiny, weatherable films and thick-sheet thermoforming technology. Product available for Class 5-8 commercial vehicles.

Original Press Release:

Hendrickson Brings Chrome-Like Finish to Non-Metal Bumper with Hendrickson Aero Bright(TM)

JOLIET, ILL. - Hendrickson put the shine on the industry's first mirror-finish, non-metal bumper with the introduction of the HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT(TM) bumper.

Behind that brilliant "chrome-like" finish, the HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT (HAB(TM)) bumper delivers durability and high impact resistance in a lightweight package.

"Added to our current line-up of bumper products, HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT gives Hendrickson the most comprehensive range of bumpers (metal and non-metal) in the industry," reported Doug Sanford, general manager of Hendrickson International, Stamping. "We expect to have a full range of HAB bumpers available by 2004."

After more than three years in development, Hendrickson engineers launched HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT, a composition of formable, shiny, weatherable films and thick-sheet thermoforming technology.

Thermoforming starts with a flat rectangular sheet of plastic clamped to a frame and heated to a specific temperature. The sheet is then pulled tightly over a tool with a vacuum. After cooling, trimming finalizes shaping.

"This technology enables Hendrickson to provide the best of both worlds - the styling features and lightweight characteristics of traditional plastic coupled with the luster of chrome," added Sanford. "This technology is a first for bumpers on Class 5-8 commercial vehicles and breaks the paradigm."

To achieve strength and durability, special manufacturing techniques are used to retain the thickness of material when forming the HAB bumper.

Hendrickson joined forces with one of the industry's leading weatherable film producers to develop a mirror-finish film, which is integrated into the thermoforming process.

Merging this film on engineered thick-sheet thermoplastics with a unique manufacturing process creates HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT - highly-styled truck bumpers. This technology may also be adapted to grills, headlight bezels and other components. Hendrickson holds exclusive rights to this weatherable film technology for the Class 5-8 commercial vehicle industry.

For additional information about HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT, contact Hendrickson International, Stamping, Joliet, III., 800-356-6737.

Hendrickson International is one of the largest global suppliers of truck and tractor suspensions; trailer suspensions; lift, trailer and steer axles; springs, and bumpers to the commercial transportation industry. Headquartered in Woodridge, Ill., Hendrickson has been meeting the needs of the transportation industry for 90 years. Visit the Hendrickson website at

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