Thermocouple Probe measures liquid temperature.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 3.2 mm probe diameter and 1 m long cable, Model TMP4106 is capable of measuring temperatures from -40 to 400°C. Stainless steel unit converts temperature into small voltage differential through Seebek effect. Since TMP4106 thermocouple is sheathed with ungrounded junction, it remains isolated from external noise.

Original Press Release:

Phidgets Tests the Waters with Economical New Temperature Probe

CALGARY, ALBERTA – Phidgets Inc. now carries a new stainless steel thermocouple probe to support its customers who were unhappy with the high cost and relative difficulty involved with using other thermocouples. “With the rising popularity of homemade coffee roasters and breweries for tech-savvy hobbyists, we’ve seen a big demand for low-cost temperature sensors designed for measuring liquids.” explains Brian Burley, support engineer at Phidgets Inc.

A thermocouple converts temperature into a small voltage differential through a phenomenon called the Seebek effect. For an unsheathed thermocouple, electrical noise from pumps and other electronics working in the water will interfere with this effect. The TMP4106 thermocouple is sheathed with an ungrounded junction so it remains isolated from external noise.

Quote- Mike Paradis, Product Release - “The main driving force behind choosing this particular form of temperature probe is the standardized diameter that allows us to sell mounting bolts for attaching it to a panel or the inner wall of an enclosure or container.”

Thermocouples sold at Phidgets can be easily connected to one of their thermocouple interface boards. The hardware can be set up in minutes, and the software APIs make the sensor data immediately available to the user for use in their program.

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Phidgets, Inc. is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of low-cost control and sensing modules that make it easy to connect technology to the real world. We value making well-engineered products, but keeping costs low so that Phidgets can work reliably in hobby and industrial applications alike.


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