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Thermal Slide Debonder works with semiconductor substrates.

Press Release Summary:

Oct 30, 2012 - Offering computerized process control, Cee® 1300CSX enables high-temperature slide-off of thinned compound semiconductor substrates in R/D or low-volume production environment. Debonder is designed for maximum accuracy and process flexibility and offers several interface capabilities as well as precision lower platen z-position control and programmable electronic lift pins. Additional features include constant force mode, data logging, and excess force sensing.

Original Press Release

Brewer Science New-Generation Debonder for High-Temperature Slide-off of Thinned Compound Semiconductor Substrates

Press release date: Oct 23, 2012

Brewer Science is introducing a new and improved thermal slide debonder that enables high-temperature slide-off of thinned compound semiconductor substrates in a research and development or low-volume production environment. The Brewer Science® Cee® 1300CSX thermal slide debonder features computerized process control and delivers exceptional accuracy, interface capabilities, and process flexibility.

"The Cee® 1300CSX debonder is designed to meet the challenges of handling thinned compound semiconductor substrates,” said Wayne Farrar, Director of the Equipment Business Group at Brewer Science. “We have separated many types of exotic wafers thinned to a thickness of less than 50 µm with excellent results.”

Significant improvements were engineered into the new Cee® 1300CSX debonder design to include these benefits:

• Precision lower platen z-position control
• Programmable electronic lift pins (loading/unloading)
• Compact footprint
• Flexible substrate sizes
• Constant force mode
• Data logging
• Excess force sensing

Along with the Brewer Science® Cee® 1300CSX thermal debonder, the company provides a unique combination of industry-leading equipment, high-temperature temporary bonding material processing capability, and process integration to deliver a seamless thin-wafer-handling solution.

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