Thermal Remediation Equipment Added to Propane Exceptional Product Program

Temp-Air's Thermal Remediation® EBB-40KW LP Trailer bed bug heat treatment equipment package has been chosen to be a part of the Propane Education and Research Council's (PERC) Exceptional Product Program - a program designed to encourage businesses to adopt new propane-fueled technologies for residential and commercial use.

As part of this program, PERC will provide a $2000 financial incentive to qualifying companies who purchase the EBB-40KW LP Trailer package and agree to share their experiences with PERC and their peers. Additional information and an application for the the program can be found at

PERC has been instrumental in funding recent insect heat-treatment research including: the efficacy of heat to control stored product pests in bins and silos (Purdue University, 2007-2009), bed bug behavior at lethal and sub-lethal temperatures (University of Minnesota, 2008-2009), and heat treatment as a viable methyl bromide alternative for disinfesting grain-processing facilities (Kansas State University, 2010-2011).

Temp-Air has successfully marketed mobile, electric bed bug heat treatment systems that contain the components of an effective thermal treatment of bringing heat, applying air, and monitoring and recording temperatures. The EBB-40KW LP Trailer Package, developed in cooperation with PERC, uses propane generator power to offer a more environmentally friendly and economical system by reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, maintenance costs of the generator, and the overall heat treatment cost. The EBB-40KW LP Trailer package includes a double axel trailer, a 40KW propane generator, (4) EBB-460V electric bed bug heaters, high temperature fans, a wireless temperature monitoring system, and various treatment accessories.

About Temp-Air:

Since 1965, Temp-Air has been a leading provider of temporary, portable heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and air filtration rental services to the U.S. construction industry. Building on that expertise, Thermal Remediation® from Temp-Air was developed over 10 years ago using heat as a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pest control applications. Today Thermal Remediation® equipment is used by pest control professionals, property managers, hotels, universities, and food storage and processing plants throughout North America for the treatment of bed bugs and stored product pests.

Temp-Air is a privately held company based in Burnsville, MN with 11 regional offices nationwide. For more information visit

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