Thermal Management Solutions from Electrolube

Leading electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, offers advanced thermal management solutions to enhance reliability and life expectancy of devices and reduce failure rates. Electrolube provides a comprehensive range of products with high thermal conductivity for heat management in electronic systems. These products include silicone/silicone-free pastes (greases), adhesives, RTVs and epoxy resins. Increasing miniaturisation in electronics means that heat dissipation problems are becoming increasingly important. Thermal protection systems from Electrolube address these problems by providing excellent heat transfer properties to ensure that heat flows from the component into the metal heatsink at the fastest rate possible

Electrolube's Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound (HTC) has been developed for efficient thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components. HTC provides superior non-creep characteristics and excellent thermal conductivity even at high temperatures: 0.9 W/m.K. HTC has a broad operating temperature range (-50º to +130º) and offers low toxicity. Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus (HTCP) provides even higher thermal conductivity than HTC at 2.8 W/m.K and also displays superior heat transfer characteristics.

Silicone based pastes, such as Electrolube's HTS and HTSP, have higher operating temperatures than non-silicone alternatives Electrolube's Silicone Heat Transfer Compound (HTSP) is an extremely thermally conductive paste for special applications where thermal management is critical. Operating over a wide temperature range (-50º to +200º), HTSP is a metal oxide filled silicone oil providing thermal conductivity at 3.0W/m.K.

It may be sufficient to ensure thermal control, with heat generating circuitry, by potting into a metal box using a thermally conductive potting compound. The flame retardant ER 2074 epoxy resin exhibits superior thermal conductivity and is completely free of abrasive fillers such as alumina. ER 2074 ensures substantially less wear on mix and dispense and other processing equipment. The system shows low viscosity when mixed and the exotherm temperature rise on curing is low.

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Electrolube, a division of H K Wentworth Limited, is a leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Additionally, Electrolube manufactures and supplies specialist lubricants to the automotive, industrial and domestic switch manufacturing sector. Research and development, quality and environmental concerns are fundamental to the Electrolube philosophy of providing the highest level of customer service. This is achieved both direct to manufacturers and via a world-wide network of subsidiaries and distributors.

Electrolube's products are specified and widely used for the manufacture and maintenance of electrical and electronic components and assemblies in a wide range of market segments from automotive, military, industrial and consumer electronics to aerospace, marine, telecoms and medical. The continued global expansion of Electrolube and its innovative range of environmentally friendly products proves that the total capability and dedication to customer care combine to create a winning formula.

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