Thermal Interface Material requires no heating.

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Reworkable Loctite® PowerstrateXtreme(TM), suited for use between heat sink and heat dissipating components, is supplied as free-standing film between 2 release liners. Compound flows at phase change temperature and conforms to surface features of heat sink and component. Upon flow, air is expelled from interface, thermal impedance is reduced, and product performs as thermal transfer material. It adheres to heat sinks and devices at room temperature.

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Henkel Technologies Introduces Revolutionary New Thermal Interface Material

Well-known for advanced materials sets and leadership in thermal management products, Henkel Technologies has brought to market its latest Phase Change Thermal Interface Material (TIM). Loctite® PowerstrateXtreme(TM) is a reworkable phase change TIM ideally suited for use between a heat sink and a variety of heat dissipating components. This new compound has been specially formulated to provide a significant improvement in thermal performance as compared to other products.

Supplied as a free-standing film between two release liners, Loctite® PowerstrateXtreme(TM) flows at the phase change temperature and conforms to the surface features of the heat sink and the component. Upon flow, air is expelled from the interface, thermal impedance is reduced and the material performs as a highly efficient thermal transfer material. Unlike other similar materials, which require a heated mating surface to facilitate adhering the thermal pad, Loctite® PowerstrateXtreme(TM) will adhere to heat sinks and devices at room temperature. The removal of the heating step from the assembly process is seen as a major enhancement and will lead to lower energy costs, improved throughput and lower overall assembly costs.

The compound is most frequently used in computing applications as a replacement for thermal grease between processors, multichip modules (MCMs), ASICs and their active heat sinks, and delivers several unique benefits. Because Loctite® PowerstrateXtreme(TM) is reworkable, it is especially useful for lidded processor applications where rework may be required. It also provides designers with a thermal management option not previously available, as the material is a superior replacement for thermal greases and can be used between any heat dissipating electrically isolated component and a heat sink.

Loctite® PowerstrateXtreme(TM) is supplied as die cut preforms to work in conjunction with a wide variety of electronic components. Custom parts may also be available upon request. For more information on Loctite® PowerstrateXtreme(TM), call 1-949-582-6712 or send an e-mail to

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