The New QuickStep Motors from JVL

Pulse & direction inputs. Now up to 4 different NEMA23 lengths and up to 2.5 Nm

JVL, now represented in Ohio, USA, has now launched its newest product: 'QuickStep' - the integrated step motor. QuickStep will be available in 2 models. The first to reach the market is a model with pulse and direction inputs. The second model will have a position controller with a serial interface, 8 IO´s, and an optional encoder and CANbus interface.

In the past decade, pulse/direction interfaces have become increasingly popular for the control of step and servo motors. This is due to the fact that pulse/direction signals provide a simple and reliable interface which is 100% digital, precise, and offers immediate response. When a pulse is sent, the motor instantaneously moves 1 step forward. For example, if the motor has a resolution of 200 steps/revolution, it will move 1.8 degrees. By changing the frequency of the applied pulse signal, it is possible to accelerate the motor. By counting the number of pulses, the motor's position can be determined without any error whatsoever. The direction input is used to determine the motor's direction of rotation. JVL's QuickStep motors with pulse/direction interface offer the following advantages:

o Very simple technology that is easy to understand and apply.

o High stability and low cost because the technology is simple with few components.

o Only 1 cable with 3 or 4 wires are required, so cabling costs are a minimum.

o No controller in the control cabinet.

o All positioning and control is performed by the PLC, so there is no duplication of software or cabling.

o Robust IP67 connector and IP55 motor housing for applications in demanding environments.

o Thermally protected against current overload and short-circuit.

o Reacts instantaneously. The motor starts within microseconds.

o 5V or 24V PNP/NPN inputs ensure compatibility with any controller.

o Step resolution of 200, 400, 800, 1000 or 1600 pulses/revolution.

o Supply voltage 12-28 VDC.

o Possibility for encoder feedback.

All the required electronics are integrated in the motor itself in a single compact unit. The motor can be supplied with the connector either on the back or side of the housing. Either a M12 connector, screw terminal or DSUB connector can be supplied. The QuickStep motors, cables and planetary gears can be supplied from stock.

Further information can be obtained from:

JVL International o Att: Mike Fisher o Motion & Control Sales Ltd.

8610 Morrow-Rossburg Rd o Morrow o OH 45152-9444

E-mail: o Tel.: 513/877-3134 oTel.: 513/282-0888 (Tech Support Line) o Fax: 513/877-2471o

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