The EMAG Group Supplies Machines and Manufacturing Systems

The EMAG Group supplies machines and manufacturing systems for the machining of disk-type, shaft-type and cubic components using a large variety of production technologies.  Whether you are looking for turning machines, grinders, gear-cutting machines, laser welding systems or machining centres – the EMAG Group offers the optimal solution for almost every application.


EMAG's formula for success lies in the fact that the medium-sized business and its 2,070 staff react to their customer's demands with flexibility and foresight. They are looking, first and foremost, for solutions to the core issue of how to increase the productivity and quality of their customers' production – and how to achieve this with space-saving, reliable machines that do not let them down, even after many years of service. The EMAG Group and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of machines from standard models to tailor-made manufacturing systems. In this, flexibility, speed and close vicinity to the customer are the guarantors for the Group's uniquely competitive position.


Another key factor in the success of the EMAG Group is their investment in its workforce. Whereas employment figures in the sector as a whole have reduced slightly since the mid 90s, the EMAG Group has seen an increase during the same period. Approximately 10% of the staff are apprentices that will all be given full employment in the company on completion of their apprenticeship. Comprehensive advanced training programmes and a continuous knowledge exchange within the Group ensure that the staff is able to think outside the box, so that customers may be offered innovative and technologically fully developed solutions to their production problems.


The description "manufacturing solutions" used to be connected primarily with manufacturing systems for the mass production. Today's customers are demanding complete manufacturing solutions from a single source also for the medium-batch production environment. With its multitude of machining and automation technologies and their in-depth knowledge of the process designs for such requirements, the EMAG Group is well prepared to face these challenges, by offering its customers machines that can be equipped with a number of different technology modules.


The company, domiciled at Salach (Baden-Württemberg), Germany, since 1969, was founded in 1867 at Bautzen (Saxony), Germany, as a foundry and engineering works. With its introduction of the world's first vertical turning machine with pick-up spindle in 1992, the EMAG Group set the benchmark for suppliers to the automotive industry. The gradual transformation of these machines into multifunctional production centres ensured that they became indispensable for the demanding batch production at both manufacturer and sub-contractor. Today, EMAG is the most important manufacturer of this new generation of machines in the world.

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